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sunshine185 Fri 15-Aug-08 20:34:06

hi, we are thinking about putting a parking post on our drive as people keep parking on it unauthorised (as we wait for our drop kerb planning application), plus to use it for when we eventually park our car there...

the fold down ones are cheapest and easiest to install, does anyone have one and your thoughts?? understand it's not a security device.

we like the telescopic ones but much pricier plus installation in london might be a bit nuts!! actually another questions is, what is the average cost and time to install one of those...


Jampot Sat 16-Aug-08 09:50:17

so people come and actually park on your drive on the front of your house? i'd be furious

sunshine185 Sat 16-Aug-08 12:03:15

yes tell me about it!! we live in a garden maisonette so have neighbours above, whose workmen/friends think they can stop their car on our drive and avoid parking round the corner at pay parking!

LazyLinePainterJane Sat 16-Aug-08 12:05:47

Annoying but understandable as far as workmen are concerned, they would just assume the paring was for the building in general surely?

sunshine185 Sat 16-Aug-08 14:00:09

no building work going on, the other day it was virgin media! people just taking the p*ss!

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