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how deep is a breakfast bar? ours has just been fitted, only 8" deep

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MamaChris Thu 14-Aug-08 07:24:47

Is 8" deep normal for a breakfast bar? We were expecting at least 12"-15", so that there's room for a plate on top fgs. Or is 8" normal? Don't want to start argument with builders if we're expecting the abnormal, but it seems we have something unusable

Furball Thu 14-Aug-08 07:26:16

I would of thought it would be the same width as the rest of the kitchen top.

SpacePuppy Thu 14-Aug-08 07:29:30

As deep as you want it.

MamaChris Thu 14-Aug-08 07:31:32

it's on a chimney breast, so they've fitted a normal depth worktop into the (quite deep) alcove, and the breakfast bar bit is really narrow. does anyone else have one? what's "standard"?

SpacePuppy we want it deeper than it is, but they've already cut and fitted it!

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 07:42:50

you can get 900 deep worktop so that would have given you mptre

didnt you have a plan you approved?

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 07:44:42

they could also have made just the chimney breast pasrt deeper too by angling it in

MamaChris Thu 14-Aug-08 07:46:45

we asked for a plan to approve, but the guy said "oh it's so simple I haven't even drawn a plan". we were dumb not to insist. can we argue about it now?

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 07:51:06

im not sure how you visualised it

what did you actually want?

i would have drawn a scale plan myself

builders ideas and your own are never going to match as they will always do the simp-lest thing even if it is naff

it depends what you agreed

what sort of worktop is it

if they hasvent done what you told them then yes threy have to get more worktop and do it again but if you just didnt specify then you will have to pay for the new worktop and extra work

MamaChris Thu 14-Aug-08 07:57:35

no, we didn't specify, but we did ask twice for plans to approve, and he said he didn't need them. it's laminate worktop, so not expensive. but we don't have any spare money!

oh dear... we were dumb dumb dumb.

they've also cocked up the tiling in the bathroom, again no written plan, but we did talk it through with the tile fitter before he started the job (quite simple, tile to one height above sink and bath, but he's left a 15cm gap in the tiling above sink and bath...).
should we pay for that to be fixed too?

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 08:01:04

what did you think they were going to do

if you had extra deep worktop then you would have a big overhang over the cupboards in the alcove too

SNoraWotzThat Thu 14-Aug-08 08:01:40

Most small plates are 8', what he has given you is a shelf. How annoying.

maidamess Thu 14-Aug-08 08:02:44

No yu shouldn't pay for the tiling to be fixed or the breakfast bar. Any idiot can see its got to be deep enough to hold a plate!

Zipp is right, builders do think we are fools a lot of the time and will do the minimum unless challenged.

Its your house, you are paying for the job to be done properly. Ask them to redo it, or you'll regret it.

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 08:03:05

i cant imagine fitting a kitchen without a drawing

how did you decide what units to buy and how best to use the space

MamaChris Thu 14-Aug-08 08:09:01

well we stood in the kitchen and imagined it! there was already a kitchen there though, so we said, well, like this, only no cupboards under here so it's a breakfast bar.

only one cupboard on that side (in alcove) and imagined that would have been brought out level with edge of worktop.

imagination much nicer than reality

MamaChris Thu 14-Aug-08 08:10:26

we will ask them to redo it. but neither of us any good in arguments, so need to try hard to stand our ground and fix some reasons in our head. eg no room to put a plate on a breakfast bar. tiles definitely not as we discussed.

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 08:12:17

standard worktop is 600mm

depending on supplier you may be able to get it 700mm or 750mm or 900mm

wider worktop is usually quite a bit more expensive not sure about laminate tho

its often handy to get deeper worktop and bring the cupboards forward as it adds space and makes the pipe runs easier behind the units

maidamess Thu 14-Aug-08 08:13:55

mamachris it doesn't have to be an argument. You are the customer, they are providing a service.

You are within your rights to ask it to be changed if its not what you asked for (the tiles) or is not fit for the job(the breakfast bar)

The builder probably only had enough worktop left to make that silly little one and couldn't be bothered to get anymore.

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 08:14:04

do ypu only have units on this side of the kitchen? none on on the two adjacent walls

maidamess Thu 14-Aug-08 08:14:09

They should want you to be satisfied.

Furball Thu 14-Aug-08 08:14:49

I would say, there's been crossed wires in discussion of the plans and you were under the impression that you were getting a breakfast bar and obviously theres been a mis-understanding, is there anyway we can change it as what you have given us is not what we wanted or practical.

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 08:16:26

he can leave the worktop on the alcove units and get more to just do the chimney breast but you will have an awkward step effect

jelliebelly Thu 14-Aug-08 08:18:29

You definitely need to get them to redo it or you will have to live with it forever. Builders are notorious for just doing what they think is easiest rather than actually listening to what you are saying. No need to be confrontational - just explain that you don't like it and ask for their suggestions as to how they are going to fix it - and DON'T PAY until you are happy.

zippitippitoes Thu 14-Aug-08 08:18:37

i agree you need to end up happy

you are in charge of the project

Jackstini Thu 14-Aug-08 08:24:38

Stand builder in front of 'shelf'
Get a large cheap plate
Put it on breakfast bar
Watch it fall off and smash
Look at builder very hard with raised hands and eyebrows.
Were you planning on having stools? If so put one there and see how far away he is from the worktop once he has his legs under.

OK, with hindsight you should have insisted he provided a plan, but as he didn't insist on one either it's not like he has any argument to say what you agreed to...

MamaChris Thu 14-Aug-08 08:25:37

it's a rectangle room, with doors at either (short) end and worksurface/oven/fridge/sink along one long side and a bit of corner, with breakfast bar, and one under cupboard on other long side. think the whole of this side needs replacing, step effect would be bad.

will big up on assertiveness and try and discuss this properly. just know he'll make out I'm dumb little woman wanting the unreasonable (which I feel like I am!)

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