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HELP - Harleqin Wallpaper £30 per roll - Cant get a decorated to touch it, most say it is rubbish wallpaper!!!!

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mumma2cjh Mon 11-Aug-08 21:58:51

I really dont believe it!!! Bought 3 rolls of Harlequin wallpaper to do a chiney breast wall, one decorator came prepped the wall, then opened the wallpaper and said no way not touching that!!! He said:

1. as it had a matt finish you would see any smears of paste that got on it

2. The instructions say that you are to use Harlequin paste with it - but dont most branded products due sell I told him?

3. It says dark paper may need a matching crayon to fill in any white lines that appear from the backing - which makes sense

Anyway he refused to hang it....I called another local decorated and he said expensive wallpapers are the worse to hang they are rubbish!!

I just cant believe it - do you think they are copping out as they dont want to hang it in case they do a bad job as it was £30 a roll and I did say I wanted a perfect job doing???

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