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Advice re bathroom/shower room decor please

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picklepie555 Sun 10-Aug-08 15:35:46

We are having an extension done at the moment and we will gain a shower room downstairs and a new bathroom upstairs. Basically we have seen some nice terracotta mosaic tiles and some beige floor tiles, but do you think we should have different colours upstairs and downstairs or stick with the same scheme in both bathroom and shower room....can't decide and DH fed up with me being so indecisive, and said he doesn't mind what I choose.blush I was thinking maybe go with black slate on the floor and black/grey white mosaic in one of the rooms and the terracotta and beige in the other. Or just stick with same colour on both floors??? Is it odd or normal to have 2 bathrooms with the same colour scheme?hmmI'm not very good with interior design and could do with some pointers!

cece Sun 10-Aug-08 15:38:07

I would have differetn in the two rooms as the light will be different and also one could be more family sort of colours while the other one could have a more grown up feel to it maybe?

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