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calling anyone who knows about removing established trees near houses

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lilolilmanchester Wed 06-Aug-08 21:01:40

We have some really established trees in our garden. We looked at having them taken out completely some time ago but seem to remember the advice then was not to touch established roots as this could cause settlement. The roots however are causing a problem with neighbours' drive. The drive people want to take the trees down and the roots out. We've said ok if we can get it on qualifed authority (not the driveway people) that it won't cause a problem with our house. So who do we ask? Surveyor? Architect? Anyone know?

BreeVanderCampLGJ Wed 06-Aug-08 21:04:01

Check with the council that they are not the subject of a TPO first.

Tree Preservation Order

lilolilmanchester Wed 06-Aug-08 21:05:39

I'm sure they are not, but neighbour was a councillor so will get her to check it out. We'd be really stuffed if they are, the roots are pulling up their drive

lilolilmanchester Wed 06-Aug-08 21:06:15

Oops, and thanks Bree. Good point. Rushing cos going on holiday tomorrow and neighbours choose tonight to discuss this!

PestoMonster Wed 06-Aug-08 21:11:30

You could contact your insurance company to see whether you are liable for damage to neighbours' drive. The insurance company would then probably send round an engineer/assessor to establish what effect the roots may/may not be having and whether or not you ought to remove the trees.

Cammelia Wed 06-Aug-08 21:17:12

Look on your local council website to find out if you are in a conservation area

madcol Wed 06-Aug-08 21:22:54

Generally you need to trim trees over a period of years to avoid settlement - shifts int he soil/ground- caused by removing the whole tree all at once.

lilolilmanchester Wed 06-Aug-08 21:35:08

they have been trimmed madcol but the roots are still huge. They've probably been there since the houses were built in the 30s. Good thinking re the insurance company. Would ideally like someone to make the decision who would put things right if it all goes pear shaped. OUr houses are built on marshy land anyway, so really nervous about settlement,

PestoMonster Wed 06-Aug-08 21:36:22

My dh works as an engineer and his speciality is subsidence, so I would heartily recommend the insurance company as a first step.

ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Wed 06-Aug-08 21:36:47

You say you are sure they are not but you have to be certain about a TPO.

Our tree had one and was dying. had to get the council out to check it and they agreed it could come down as it was dying and dangerous.

lilolilmanchester Wed 06-Aug-08 21:40:23

OK, will check re TPO. Will also phone insurance company when we're back from holiday but now I need to get back to the packing. Thanks all.

PestoMonster Wed 06-Aug-08 21:49:07

Have a nice holiday and don't think about the trees until you get back grin

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