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Replacing a really narrow cooker

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tribpot Sun 03-Aug-08 14:22:49

Hi all,

My MIL has given us some money to replace the ancient cooker in the house we bought last year. Slight problem is that the previous owners put in a new (rather rubbish) kitchen and had the counters cut to leave a space the exact size of the old cooker, which is 49.5 cm wide. There is space under the counters for a wider cooker, but to put a wider one in would involve chopping off parts of the counter.

Is this doable? Not by me, obviously, as that would leave the kitchen in an even more disastrous state than it is currently (one of the drawers has fallen off completely and another is hanging on by a thread).

fiodyl Sun 03-Aug-08 19:23:48

IIRC my xp did this, he just sawed a bit of the end of the worktop so our new cooker fitted in the space. I think he put some kind of sealant(possibly heatproof) on the edge that had been cut.

I expect it would be more difficult if you had built in drawers underneath but we just had a space under that bit where the washing machine went, so that just had to be shifted up a bit.


tribpot Sun 03-Aug-08 19:46:48

Thanks fiodyl - nothing underneath that should cause any probs, just wonder why they didn't buy a 'normal' cooker at the time!!

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