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Original Idiotic Quarry Tiles Please Clean them for me

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Capital Sat 02-Aug-08 23:24:43

spent today scrubbing these tiles in my kitchen with Wickes tile renovator but cannot remove the bloomin blooming whiteyness from them. What is it WHAT can I do. Feel like farking cinderella, hand red and bloatey with effort.


lalalonglegs Sun 03-Aug-08 11:04:02

It's probably salts coming through, scrubbing won't really help. You can try a product such as Effex to get rid of it and then seal them. Or there are specialist companies that restore tiled floors if they are in a really bad way. Do a bit of research to find out if the problem is salts (sometimes called efflorescence) and treat appropriately.

Capital Sun 03-Aug-08 11:51:03

Thank you lala! Will do a little research as you suggest.

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