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Need your views on whether to put loo under stairs (cost etc.)

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Jodee Wed 30-Jul-08 22:38:37

Wanted some outside opinions please. We have been in this house 4 years, the kitchen is about 20 years old knackered and inpractical. We had decided this was the year when we were going to knock the kitchen/dining room into one, and put in french doors. thought it would be good idea, while building work was going on, to put in a downstairs loo under the stairs (3 of us in the house, can manage with one loo, but we don't have separate loo/bathroom.)

Now we have a credit crunch. DH is toying with shelving the idea of putting in the downstairs loo, the reason being is that the (old but functioning) boiler is currently under the stairs, which means quite a major expense in itself re. getting ride of old boiler, putting in new combi boiler, moving pipework and getting rid of tanks in loft.

I agree that it is expensive but worth getting combi boiler as we would get instant hot water (not wasting water waiting for it to heat up), downstairs loo pratical for guests, etc. I think he would regret not getting it all done at the same time.What do you think?

Tinker Wed 30-Jul-08 22:46:18

You're right. smile Combi boiler will also save on heating bills surely?

Pannacotta Wed 30-Jul-08 22:52:13

Also think you are right, we took ages to put in a downstairs loo in our last house and then couldnt imagine how we managed without it, esp when DS1 was starting to potty train. Also really handy for when you have guests/builders etc - no need for them to traipse upstairs to use the loo in your bathroom. Having a downstairs loo is good for the value of the house too, in a family home.
Also think the boiler will save you money in the long term and makes life easier.

herladyship Wed 30-Jul-08 22:53:54

wow, you must be living a parallel life to us! shock

we have just has a combi boiler installed (in the roof) and utilised the cupboard under the stairs as a downstairs wc.. it has a little wash basin, toilet and extractor fan (as no window)

definately saving some cash on energy bills, and with 4 of us (including a teenager!) in the house, having 2 loo's is great [easily excited emoticon!]

good luck with whatever work you decide on..

lalalonglegs Thu 31-Jul-08 10:14:43

If you're doing kitchen anyway then updating boiler makes sense. A good one (Worcester etc) will work much more efficiently than an old one and condensing combi boilers are much cheaper to run. Downstairs loo a really good idea.

Obviously don't do it if you can't afford it but if it isn't a big stretch and will make your life more comfortable then go ahead. Home improvements don't really have anything to do with the credit crunch unless you are borrowing masses to do them or you are doing them to sell your home.

WendyWeber Thu 31-Jul-08 10:19:42

Your electricity meter isn't under the stairs though, is it? Ours is & when I asked about putting a loo in there I was told the meter would have to be moved out (because of the water) and that would cost loads before we did anything else.

So we don't have a downstairs loo sad (although we do have 2 upstairs now) but agree with everybody, it is well worth doing if you can smile

noddyholder Thu 31-Jul-08 11:28:11

We put in a downstairs loo and boxed in the meter with a removable cover and it was fine when we came to sell.Much more convenient for guests they don't need to troop u[pstairs

HolidaysQueen Thu 31-Jul-08 12:04:21

We installed an under-the-stairs loo when I was 7 months pg - it was great in last few months of pregnancy when i needed the loo every 2 mins grin I also think it is a real selling point for anyone looking to buy your house in the future, particularly for families, so I think it is worth the money. Our gas and electricity meters are in there and were just boxed in no problem, and the low bit under the bottom stairs was boxed in to provide great storage.

We did it at the same time as an extension and I think it was definitely cheaper getting it done as part of another job rather than separately, and it only meant one lot of disruption. so if you can find the cash then I would do it at the same time as your other work.

kitsmummy Thu 31-Jul-08 18:25:44

We put a loo in under the stairs and was the best thing we ever did. It cost about £1500, plus toilet, basin cost etc

moshie Thu 31-Jul-08 18:41:02

Best thing we ever did too, and as you say, you would regret not getting it all done in one go, especially if your old boiler broke down and needed replacing in the near future.

Jodee Fri 01-Aug-08 00:01:10

Hi, thanks for replies, nearly forgot I had started this thread (don't you just hate it when the OP doesn't come back to a thread? grin ).

Well we've decided to go ahead with all the building work - but in 2 phases due to cost. We will get the kitchen done first (plus I can't stand another Christmas without a functioning oven), and hope to be able to afford toilet/new boiler in the Spring.

herladyship, I was wondering about putting the boiler in the loft, as I was thinking how it would go in the (new) kitchen at a later date without causing more upheaval, so thanks!

Wendy/Noddy, yes the elec meter and fusebox is also under the stairs, none of the builders who have given us quotes have mentioned it, so I was thinking it would be boxed off safely.

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