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i bought a house this week, need to sell mine, am i mad???

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redrobin Sun 27-Jul-08 20:14:44

eek! saw dream house a fortnight ago, bought it last week and our current house is now on sale! oh my GOD am i mad?

bellabelly Sun 27-Jul-08 20:16:33

yes, you nutter! Hope you get a quick and easy sale.

2cats2many Sun 27-Jul-08 20:16:35 you want the honest answer or the comforting answer?

BreeVanderCampLGJ Sun 27-Jul-08 20:18:52

Surprised they took your offer, unless you were a cash buyer. In which case. envy

redrobin Sun 27-Jul-08 20:19:19

i think i know the honest answer! so comfort me...i keep telling myself that I bought, so someone else might...have developed excema under my eye already!

RuthT Sun 27-Jul-08 20:20:07

depends where you live and what the market is like, along with what your financial situation is.

I just know that in West London there are no buyers

Good luck

Califrau Sun 27-Jul-08 20:20:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redrobin Sun 27-Jul-08 20:21:16

Bree...they wanted a cash deposit of 10% which my lawyer managed to negotiate on. definitely NOT a cash buyer! was wondering whether things really are as bad as i am reading in the press, or whether there's a bit of media hype.

redrobin Sun 27-Jul-08 20:22:13

oh califrau...(imagine have a small voice, trailing away in fear...)

Tigger13 Sun 27-Jul-08 20:31:12

runs away and says nowt!

Fimbo Sun 27-Jul-08 20:35:29

If you have something unique, like a cottage for example they are still selling quickly round my way, but a bog standard 3 bed is going nowhere.

nancy75 Sun 27-Jul-08 20:36:58

maybe i can make you feel a bit better, my parents put theirs on the market a few weeks ago and sold it to the first people that came to see it for the full asking price, i know its unusual but it can still happen. good luck grin

redrobin Sun 27-Jul-08 21:25:17

nancy...i will fix this in my mind and keep praying!

edam Sun 27-Jul-08 21:27:44

A house my friend wanted sold within two days of going on the market (she'd been trying to buy it privately but couldn't get a buyer for her house). So it can still happen!

beansprout Sun 27-Jul-08 21:33:27

Houses are still being sold around here. Good luck!

Upwind Mon 28-Jul-08 08:21:49

Depends whether you have a fixed completion date for the one you have bought?

RusselBrussel Mon 28-Jul-08 11:21:16

When you say you 'bought' a house, do you mean you made an offer and it was accepted, or do you mean you have signed on the dotted line?
If the latter, how did you manage that without releasing the mortgage from your old house and transferring it to your new one if you are not a cash buyer??

fishnet Mon 28-Jul-08 11:52:22

have you actually exchanged contracts? How did you manage that so quickly?

If not then thank your lucky stars and delay exchange until you have exchanged on yours!

redrobin Mon 28-Jul-08 12:23:52

haven't actually signed yet, no! have had offer accepted. they are going back to australia at the end of november, so we have quite a long time to sell. (gulp). although slightly cheered today by news that house prices are going to rise by 25% in next few years....maybe this might mean people are more willing to snap up a 'bargain'. oh am i kidding myself?

prettybird Mon 28-Jul-08 12:30:20

I see you're in Scoltand - I thought as much. Things move much quicker up here than they do down south, so as long as price your place sensibly, you should be fine.

Each "link" in Scoltand seems much more secure than in England, so we are never really aware of chains.

And if you go ot "Closing" you can always include the requierment to move by x date as one of the criteria.

ThePettyandIllinformedGoat Mon 28-Jul-08 12:33:02

where are you selling? [nosy]

redrobin Mon 28-Jul-08 12:44:43

i'm in edinburgh Goat, very nice area, 3 bed ground floor conversion, sunny garden...i think you should buy it!

ThePettyandIllinformedGoat Mon 28-Jul-08 12:50:14

god i am itching to know where you are!

i am so not moving right now.

where are you moving to? [pointedly rude and nosy]

claricebeansmum Mon 28-Jul-08 12:54:28

If you can't sell can you rent out? We have rented ours out and am cheered by todays long term forecast.

redrobin Mon 28-Jul-08 13:02:01

Moving to Peebles. It's all mad, and its all happening so quickly, i can't really take it in. am sure (ish) its a good move, if i could rely on selling - sort of a big if, eh?

We're in the Grange at the moment. it IS really nice, hoping someone who's downsizing might buy it! for cash!

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