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Who has moved recently? 58 boxes - is this normal?

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admylin Sat 19-Jul-08 17:13:41

We move soon and have decided to pack now to save money - the removal firm will just transport it all. I've got to 58 boxes now and I haven't started on the kitchen cupboard contents or packed any clothes yet.

How many boxes did you have? I always thought we were quite minimalistic (except for books!) but now I am wondering how on earth we ended up with so much stuff.

admylin Sat 19-Jul-08 18:04:02


Do you think 10 boxes will be enough for all the kitchen stuff - plates, cups, pots and pans etc?

LIZS Sat 19-Jul-08 19:32:40

With furniture and boxes labelled individually we had well over 200 items !

admylin Sat 19-Jul-08 19:57:36

Wow, don't think I'll get that many even with the furniture - maybe we are minimalistic after all!

ChippyMinton Sat 19-Jul-08 20:01:55

we went into storage for a couple of months, the removals estimated 8 containers, and we ended up with 12 - that's 3 lorries worth shock and i still had to leave my pot plants with a neighbour, throw our mattress and microwave away, and stuffed both cars to the gills. There was no room for the DC, we had to take them first and come back for the stuff. And yes, three years later there are several untouched boxes in the loft blush

admylin Sat 19-Jul-08 20:52:27

We've moved quite a few times (abroad) so you tend to get rid of alot of things, especially the before last move when we did it ourselves - this time I'm not so worried as we're getting people to carry it all. 12 containers - that must have been a big house!

ChippyMinton Sat 19-Jul-08 21:27:29

Small house, very full loft, garage and shed grin

nooka Sat 19-Jul-08 21:42:10

I think we did 114 for our move to the States. We pared it down a lot before we went, but there are four of us, and that did include a lot of books, and a lot of toys.

gemmiegoatlegs Sat 19-Jul-08 21:43:55

we are halfaw through packing and jhave about 30. Plus I have 4 of those giant vaccuum bags with all my linens, towels etc in.

nooka Sat 19-Jul-08 21:45:06

Oh, forgot to add have you arranged for different sized boxes? You have to be careful about overloading, esp for heavy things like books. Our movers this time (they did all the packing) had special small boxes for books. Last time I packed myself and the movers said that I should only two thirds fill boxes if /I was filling them with books - you have to make sure they aren't too heavy to pick up.

Pannacotta Sun 20-Jul-08 10:24:40

We had about 200 boxes I think, but I do (did) work from home so lots of work related things (catalogues/samples/books).
There are 4 of us.

vonsudenfed Sun 20-Jul-08 10:26:32

I think we probably had 58 boxes of books and china alone. In fact I know we did... blush

allgonebellyup Sun 20-Jul-08 10:46:19

You mean those huge boxes?

We had 20.. blush for a family of 4 (at the time!)
Doesnt sound a lot does it?
We just used my now-ex's van for a few trips back and forth..

laidbackinengland Sun 20-Jul-08 10:58:39

We had 120 boxes when we moved abroad (excluding big furniture) . We are a family of 5 - but are not great gatherers of 'stuff'.

admylin Sun 20-Jul-08 12:36:37

Thanks everyone, feel better now - for a family of 4 we seem to be well in the norm of number of boxes!

Dc are busy painting their room - having a great time! we have to leave it all white (rented flat).

Starmummy Mon 28-Jul-08 18:32:47

We had 181 when we moved overseas. That was after a huge downsizing project. Three of us, and we have bought more furniture since we got here. Wish we had moved in summer, we could have had a fab garage sale.

IceCube Mon 28-Jul-08 19:13:46

I packed most of my boxes with books in the bottom half and clothes in the top.

We moved from a 2 bed semi which was packed to the gills, lots of 2m high billy bookcases etc.

I think we filled about 100 smallish boxes and all the loft/shed stuff and furniture was extra.

This is also without any kiddie stuff to move as I am only just pregnant with my first now.

playdoh Mon 28-Jul-08 19:50:07

We moved from a small 3 bed terrace and had 130 boxes and lots of extras which wouldn't fit in boxes. The removal company had to go and get an extra lorry as it wouldn't all fit in one, which was a bit embarassing!

The removal company told us we had a very good price as they had underestimated how much stuff we had. I have the appearance of a minimalist house but have stuff hidden in every nook and cranny, including the loft!

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