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Can any landlords/ladies advise me please?

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pinkdolly Wed 16-Jul-08 17:35:15

Hiya, I am a tenant living with my husband and 3 children in a large victorian house. We have lived here for a year this month. Ever since we have been here we have had recurrent issues with the boiler breaking down. The landlord used to have an agency manage the property for him and they sorted it out.

The landlord took over management of the house on July 4th. Shortly after that the boiler broke down again. We have no heating (not that we need it at the moment and we have to have the immersion on to heat the water which is very expensive.

The landlord sent someone around to look at the boiler last week, he told him he needs to replace the boiler. The landlord then told us he would try and get in touch with a different firm to fix it. We have heard nothing in over a week. I'm getting fed up because I know that immersions are expensive. Does the landlord have a contractual obligation to fix this problem in a certain number of days?

We spoke to him a few days ago and he said he was still trying to get hold of the guy that usually fixes the boiler. Surely he should be trying to find someone else if this guy is not available?


Thank you.

micci25 Wed 16-Jul-08 17:39:40

yes he does i have the same problem with a landlady in my old flat! i didnt have an immersion heater for water though!

you cannot be without heating/hot water for a period longer than 24 hours and if you are the landlord needs to pay for alternative accomadtion untill the problem is fixed!

after yet another early morning cold shower i phoned my landlady up and told herr in no uncertain terms that if i did not have a plumber sent around within the next 24 hours i would be seeking legal advise. funnily enough a plumber turned up an hour later grin

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