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Would you let new tenants in who have not paid the rent / deposit in advance?

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toddlerhip Fri 11-Jul-08 11:31:17

We have new tenants due to arrive in the flat below our house in 1/2 an hour but there is still no money in our bank account. We advised they pay by same day bank transfer. It is a couple with a one year old. I met the mother a few times at baby group but do not know her well. The father has good references and has always paid his rent at their previous flat. Would you give them the keys without having the money upfront?

LittleMyDancing Fri 11-Jul-08 11:32:40

No way jose....

if they're flaky about this, you might have problems getting the rent every month.

ask them why it's not there yet, and see what you think of their explanation.

Tutter Fri 11-Jul-08 11:33:14


i'd feel bad for them and offer them a coffee or something, but once they're in they have certain rights that you may not want them to have if they don't pay! (ikswim)

ZacharyQuack Fri 11-Jul-08 11:34:00

Nope. What MyLittleDancing said.

PinkChick Fri 11-Jul-08 11:35:33

No, ring them tell them there is no money in and you cannot hand keys over until it IS there!

savoycabbage Fri 11-Jul-08 11:37:03

No, no no.

ruty Fri 11-Jul-08 11:37:45

absolutely not.

plantsitter Fri 11-Jul-08 11:37:55

When are they supposed to have made the transfer? Do they think they are moving in today, in which case you might be leaving them homeless? Why not see if they can prove they've made it (give you a copy of the transfer doc) in case it just hasn't come through yet?

Tutter Fri 11-Jul-08 11:39:08

if it's a same day transfer you need to keep on checking with your bank

mishymoo Fri 11-Jul-08 11:39:21

No I wouldn't! They must have proof of some sort to say they have made the payment.

forevercleaning Fri 11-Jul-08 11:46:40


hanaflowerisnothana Fri 11-Jul-08 11:49:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

toddlerhip Fri 11-Jul-08 14:33:44

Thanks all - they did arrive and paid in cash.

Loriycs Thu 07-Aug-08 21:46:15

No. I am a landlord and you never hand the keys over until the rent and deposit is paid and the contract is signed. Also. you wont want to hear this but i would never again rent to someone i know as they take advantage of you. Always keep things buisnesslike.

Loriycs Thu 07-Aug-08 21:47:22

sorry, just noticed the date on this thread, and glad you got your money!

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