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My apartment is it this horrid wet weather?

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Pavlovthecat Wed 09-Jul-08 15:07:38

It is sooooo wet where I live right now, its just raining, raining raining, and won't stop.

My heating has been off for ages, and my apartment just feels really really damp. (its an old victorian terrace converted)

The floors feel damp, the carpets feel damp. I feel, you know that feeling when you have been by the sea for a while, skin a touch oily due to wet air? I feel like that.

I have had to put some washing over banisters to dry as drier has packed up and its not helping the damp problem.

WHY cant it stop raning? I have have to put the heating back on!

Anyone else?

BasementBear Wed 09-Jul-08 20:13:51

Same here I'm afraid! I live in an 1850's terrace, basement flat. It has been damp-proofed but on days like today it just feels like the rain is seeping in through the walls, the floor, everywhere! Plus I am surrounded by damp washing which has not dried for two days (DH's brillian idea that we really don't need a tumble dryer angry).
I too have had to put the heating on, with windows open as it is too hot now! (windows don't open properly as they are sash windows with window locks on so only open a crack at the top and bottom). Most of the time I love where I live, and it is wonderfully cool on hot days, but as DS2 says "Mummy, we live in a hole in the ground!".

Pavlovthecat Wed 09-Jul-08 21:40:24

aw its crap isn't it? We had to turn the heating down as it got to hot, but everything just feels, almost tacky. Not quite, but almost, damp.

I put trousers on the banisters on sunday (hallway the warmest part of the house for some reason, for drying purposes) it usually would dry overnight but by tuesday morning, they were still very very damp! I had to wear them wet as nothing else was dry either!

The wooden floors feel like something has been spilt and almost dried, but not quite, or like a wet towel has been left on the floor sad.

We have been here almost 3 years, and its never been like this before! I am so fed up with this weather!

BB do you have good light in the basement flat? A friend of mine lived in a basement flat for a while and she actually had huge french doors at one end of the place as it was on a slope, the other end had tiny windows but the french doors gave it enough light, I was very surprised.

BasementBear Thu 10-Jul-08 12:51:43

We have a garden at the back, so the light is good in the bedrooms, but in winter I feel like I am in a dungeon, have to have all the lights on all the time! The main reason we chose our flat is because we absolutely wanted our own outside space, and also we have our own front door, rather than sharing communal entrance and corridors etc.

EffiePerine Thu 10-Jul-08 12:54:08

Take clothes to the launderette to be dried, put the heating on and open the windows. Living in a damp flat is horrid - have done that one. Damp washing is def the worst culprit.

Pavlovthecat Thu 10-Jul-08 19:33:05

Effie - done! Windows open, heating on high! feeling a bit dryer!

Clothes mostly dry, some by heating, some at launderette. Just a couple of things I did not want to dry at launderette left.
AND the sun came out for a bit today. I thought I was going to cry!

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