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Is Hampton a good place to live with kids?

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allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 17:28:56

Following on from yesterdays Isleworth thread!
ive looked at the schools online, and whilst there are some brill primaries, the secondary school there seems pants, and it says there a lot of students from Hounslow (rough?)and bad league tables.
There is a good girls school further away but dont know if its too far from the houses i would be looking at?

Anyone know anything about Hampton? the houses i can afford back on to the race course, does anyone know if this is a local authority estate?

fymandbean Fri 04-Jul-08 17:52:05

we live in sunbury (just down the road from Hampton).

The whole area is good BUT the state schools are not that good. Its a mixed area and I think that anyone with any money send their kids private.... (Look at Hampton grammar secondary or Tiffins (selective, grammar) vs the local comprehensives).

I personally don't think the primaries are that good either for the same reason....

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 18:32:23

do you think kingston is a better place to live?
i saw that Tiffins school is amazing! How do they make their selections?

maidamess Fri 04-Jul-08 18:35:37

11+ exam. Kingston is lovely (I know I live here, and have a child at Tiffin) but its dead expensive at the moment. I really rate it as a place to live though. Its got everything.

maidamess Fri 04-Jul-08 18:36:11

Primaries in Kingston are good in general but oversubscribed.

claricebeansmum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:37:01

Yes - I live in Hampton Hill!

Primaries are brilliant - some of the best - Hampton Hill Juniors is fantastic. Waldegrave Girls is an excellent state secondary but girls only. Boys tend to go to Hampton Community College which does not have a brilliant reputation.

Tiffins is amazingly selective to get into - we know children who have got into Hampton and Kingston Grammar (both highly selective independents) and have not got in to Tiffin - unless you have amazing DC and a regular on the G&T thread don't set you heart on it...

However Hampton is a fantastic place to bring up children - lots of nurseries, lots of parks and the wide open spaces of Bushy Park. Hampton Hill High St is vibrant and has a fabulous City Farmers Market and not far from Teddington too with its little boutiques and gift shops. Very family oreintated area. Low crime rate.

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 18:37:42

oh lordy, what am i setting myself up for?

i didnt realise schools still did the 11+ exam (ignorant emoticon)!
Hopefully my kids would be ok?!

claricebeansmum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:38:46

Oh yes - going good and strong around here but don't fret there are lots of tutors too! hmmwink

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 18:39:42

ok, hampton still sounds good but i am worried about the secondary school for my son!
Why are the house prices cheaper there?

claricebeansmum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:42:11

Hampton is a bit further out than Kingston. Kingston is a larger more metropolitan place with large shops etc. Hampton is very suburban.

Also it is probably to do with the trains - fast trains into waterloo and all that

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 18:43:41

so its not because its a bit rough? are there many council estates etc?

claricebeansmum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:45:07

There is one slightly "less desireable" place to live but I am not sure it is a council estate - probably ex but it's not rough.

Link me what you are looking at and I will let you know!

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 18:47:07

Cant do links im afraid but one of the houses is on Sonning Gardens!? (newish rd, backs on to race course)


claricebeansmum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:49:25

Can't find it - which agent?

claricebeansmum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:51:31

Found it - I think you would be OK there - lovely with Kempton behind you!

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 18:51:57


price 230k terrace, newish looking 2 bed

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 18:53:01

doh! too late!

what is that area like? please tell me if it is in the slightest bit scummy??

claricebeansmum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:57:13

It is on the border with Hanworth - you would need to go to have a look.

Where are you living now? I might be able to give you a comparison.

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 18:57:51

we live in Horsham (sussex), v posh!

claricebeansmum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:59:53

Tis not the Horsham end of Hampton IYSWIM!

I don't know around there very well - would be worth a look though. If you go to the website upmystreet you can compare neighbourhoods.

Bridie3 Fri 04-Jul-08 19:00:30

I grew up in that area. Most of Hampton is lovely and probably as safe as you will find anywhere in London (sadly not as safe as it was when I were a girl). It's not at all scummy.

You have Bushy Park and Richmond Park isn't far away. The river is pretty there, too.

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 19:02:54

am going to check it out on sunday!!

thequietone Fri 04-Jul-08 19:06:37

I thought you meant The Hamptons and thought 'Hell, yeah!!!!' Plus loads of sleb watching.

I'll read Post Titles closer in future...

Bridie3 Fri 04-Jul-08 19:07:36

I think you'll like it.

fymandbean Fri 04-Jul-08 19:09:03

I grew up round this area too - you need to come and look as there are some fantastic bits some good bits and some awful bits. I'm convinced that's why the schools aren't up to scratch as so many middle class parents go private - I went to a local comprehensive and wouldn't send my kids there

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