Is it too much to ask for a boiler that works for more than 1 month without needing an engineer/new part?

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MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Thu 05-Jun-08 22:06:06

We've had 3 call outs relating to our boiler since we moved to our new house in September.

One involved our boiler having 7 leaks (not quite sure what happened there).

Anyway, the boiler is only a couple of years old. The previous owner installed it. (I'm not sure I'd use him as a plumber)

I wouldn't pick a Raven Boiler the next time we have one fitted.

I'm off to boil 2 dozen kettles for a bath now.

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NotABanana Thu 05-Jun-08 22:17:58

Our new boiler failed us 3 days out of 6...

Ecmo Thu 05-Jun-08 22:21:20

We have been without a biler and therefore heating for about a month. Dh has tried to mend it but it just kept springing more leaks. We blame our rubbish water softener. We are now having to budget for £700 to buy a new one. However the new rules and regulations on fitting etc are a nightmare. Buy a good one!

Ecmo Thu 05-Jun-08 22:21:39

boiler not biler! lol

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Thu 05-Jun-08 22:38:17

Yes - we've been very fortunate as we used our emergency cover from our contents insurers (that part of it is only £5.00 per month - which is cheaper than Brit Gas servicing it).

The bloke who fixed it last time said that if we weren't covered then we would have to buy a new boiler.

It's my fault it broke. I had DH turn the boiler on to timer mode as it had been on constantly since the last repair.

WE had someone come out when it first happened and it cost us £170.00 and the plumber didn't find anything.

I really hope we can eek every little bit of life out of it before paying out for a new one. We cannot afford to pay out for much at the moment, things should get better once Dh has sold his car.

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