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climbanymountain Fri 30-May-08 20:23:00

Help, is anyone's DP/DH a plumber that could give advice?

We are renovating our house and the architect specced a Worcester Bosch boiler. Our builder is trying to shave costs and has decided to get us a Grant boiler - he says they're just the same. hmm

I need to know if they are???

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climbanymountain Fri 30-May-08 22:45:09


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WendyWeber Fri 30-May-08 22:47:29

Best makes are Vaillant and Worcester Bosch (in that order) - I had a BG engineer here the other day and he said those are the only makes he would have in his house (he was fixing our 25-yr-old Vaillant at the timegrin)

The difference would only be a couple of hundred pounds anyway, wouldn't it?

WendyWeber Fri 30-May-08 22:52:52

Is it oil or gas? I've been googling and Grant seems to be recommended a lot as long as it's an oil boiler.

climbanymountain Sun 01-Jun-08 08:49:16

It's oil. Interesting that there are two views out there. Your right Wendy it is a few hundred pounds and that's why I'd be annoyed if our builder skimped and didn't get us the best boiler. But if they're the same....

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noddyholder Sun 01-Jun-08 10:23:29

My parents renovated a house in ireland and it had a grant boiler they are supposed to be really good but don't think they are anything to do with worcester bosch

CaptainUnderpants Sun 01-Jun-08 10:32:17

Worcester Bosch are the Rolls royce of boilers and therefore you pay more , howvever sometimes what you pay is what you get.

We have just had a new boiler put in - Bosch and we looked into it all but in the end we went for the best.

I will admit that we looked at all boilers from bosch to Ideal ( one favoured by propertty devopers etc ) and never heard of Grant.

Perhaps your builder can get a better deal on a Grant - cahrges you more and then makes himself a profir ? hmm


climbanymountain Sun 01-Jun-08 20:30:07

Thanks. I think we should probably go for WB. Now I need to deal with builder!

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pobletsmum Sun 01-Jun-08 21:06:53

DH is a heating engineer. Grant and WB are the 2 top brands. Both should be fine. WB are currently offering a 5yr manufacturer's parts & labour warranty (if fitted by 31.12.08). See their website for details. They have 360 of their own dedicated service engineers in this country, and have a service centre open till 10pm so offer excellent backup (although you are unlikely to have a problem). Grant offer a 2yr warranty and use independent local engineers for warranty work, and about 3 dedicated engineers nationally so slightly less backup.

DH says if you are having a combi, definitely go for WB.

He also says that there should be very little difference in price, depenng what you're having (maybe £50 or so).

Good luck!

climbanymountain Mon 02-Jun-08 10:00:16

Brilliant help pob.

WB it is smile

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pobletsmum Mon 02-Jun-08 10:43:40

Glad to be able to give somthing back for once - mumsnet has been a huge help to me so many times grin.

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