Do we have a MN Architect?

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KatyMac Wed 28-May-08 08:54:49

Preferably a patient one - who will listen to me?

And not say I have silly ideas

And be a bit green

(oh & I'll pay)

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KatyMac Wed 28-May-08 20:30:23


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KatyMac Fri 30-May-08 21:45:04


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scottishmummy Fri 30-May-08 21:59:44

Try RIBA hiring an architect

KatyMac Fri 30-May-08 22:24:27

I'd rather have a MN one wink

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scottishmummy Fri 30-May-08 22:29:25

emm? yes but all architects need to be professionally qualified and registered with Riba found on MN or not

professional indemnity

scottishmummy Fri 30-May-08 22:31:13

ahh!you want a recommendation - i get it now.yes good idea. just make sure they are RIBA


KatyMac Fri 30-May-08 22:33:18

I know

But I struggled with my last one & now I want one that thinks like I do

& I can't specify must belong to MN on that site's search......

I used this search last time - but I didn't get what I needed

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Dragonbutter Fri 30-May-08 22:33:23

It's better if you get an architect that lives near you so they can meet with you and be near to site.

KatyMac Fri 30-May-08 22:36:38

All I need is a staircase

They can do it from plans

I just need a clever idea

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scottishmummy Fri 30-May-08 22:43:00

what your your brief/budget is it a new build or existing site.where do you live?

Sustainable bldgs expect to pay more - they cost more!

first consultation with any riba architect is free

consider your brief and specific requirements
what kind of architect do you want

make your brief and drawings as specific as poss - have a long chat

Earlybird Fri 30-May-08 22:45:27

SofiaAmes was the MN 'resident architect' for years, but she isn't around much anymore as she's moved to America. You may be able to CAT her....

KatyMac Fri 30-May-08 22:45:38

Seriously Scottishmummy - it's all sorted except for the staircase

I even have some quotes in

My dad is a structural engineer & he & I are arguing about the staircase

I just need someone to sort it out

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Pannacotta Fri 30-May-08 22:45:52

KatyMac, I live not far from you and wish I could recommend someone good but fraid I cant, we also need an architect for various house things, but good architects are hard to find.
Hope you have some joy soon.

scottishmummy Fri 30-May-08 22:47:51

seriously kate - thanks

KatyMac Fri 30-May-08 22:51:52

I didn't mean to offend you -I am sorry

I'm just stressed about the staircase - it keeps going wrong & I thought if I could get a friendly MNetter to look at it - it could help get the priorities sorted out

It has worked that way for other problems I've had

I don't want a whole package - just a bit of advice offsomeone who thinks like I do (& MNetters often do)

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KatyMac Fri 30-May-08 22:57:30

Thanks Earlybird - I might

Pannacotta - got a good builder? I might share mine if yu need him

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scottishmummy Fri 30-May-08 22:57:55

oh LOL no i misunderstood the remitwink i am thinking villa savoie not stair case sounds like you have it well thought out

good luck

KatyMac Fri 30-May-08 23:00:08

It's a nursery

It's been planned (over various sites) for over 2 yrs now

Do you like plans - I can send you lots to look at wink I'm on version 18 of the current incarnation

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Pannacotta Sat 31-May-08 22:05:22

KatyMac no we dont have a good builder yet, am in the process of looking for one.
I can CAT you if you have CAT? A recommendation would be great (we are in Norwich not sure if that if that makes any difference, seem to remember you are near-ish?)
Hope youir plans are coming along ok

hana Sat 31-May-08 22:10:26

no, they all have to be ARB (Architects Registration Board) registered, not RIBA

scottishmummy Sat 31-May-08 22:17:00

yes oh didnt i say that?lol too much wine ARB register

KatyMac Sat 31-May-08 22:17:46

I have CAT & a fab builder in Plumstead

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scottishmummy Sat 31-May-08 23:47:40

oh small world i used to live blackheathwink

Pannacotta Sun 01-Jun-08 10:19:47

Thanks KatyMac will CAT you.
GOod luck with your project, hope it all comes together...

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