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very roughly - how much does a kitchen extension cost?

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vannah Sat 29-Mar-08 22:01:22

back again. Just seen another nice house, only this time its not near a motorway, just has the tiniest kitchen Ive ever seen.
Needs extending.

No experience of this. There is space outside to extend. The neighbours all have extended their properties in some way.

If its just a small extension, is it a huge cost and very lengthy job?
(just impatient here, cant wait till monday to call builders...)


Frizbe Sat 29-Mar-08 22:03:51

Do you have anything to knock through into? outbuildings?? if not I'd say as a very rough guide, and totally dependant on your area, for new building to go up 25-75,000.00 It can vary that much, depending on what you want! size, things in it etc. Best bet maybe to quickly knock on neighbouring houses and ask them how much it cost, for a better ballpark.

Scattybird Sat 29-Mar-08 22:05:22

20k if it's done properly. There, does that set your mind at rest.

Now you will get people telling you that theirs was done for 5,000 and it will make you feel better.

Seriously, you have to take planning, architects, viability etc into if your planned extension is on a well for instance, it will cost loads. If not it mightn't cost bugger all.

DragonFaerie Sat 29-Mar-08 22:08:49

Very much depends on size but I'd imagine you would be fortunate to get it for much less than £20000 (v. roughly) .

We've just had a 2 storey extension which we were quoted up to £300000 for but as much of the work is in the footings and roof the fact that it's 2 storey makes little difference. Also you will prob need structural RSJs if any of the walls you knock out are structural.

DragonFaerie Sat 29-Mar-08 22:22:05

erm, clearly I meant £30000 not £300000 blush

llareggub Sat 29-Mar-08 22:31:39

We were told to budget £1000 per square metre if that helps. We are in the West Midlands.

TurkeyLurkey Sat 29-Mar-08 22:34:30

My DH is a builder and same as llareggub its £1000 approx per square metre plus cost of kitchen units/sink etc etc

vannah Sat 29-Mar-08 22:35:41

thankyou all

lalalonglegs Sun 30-Mar-08 12:47:23

I think £1000 a sq m is way, way under - that's for a very ordinary newbuild where there are economies of scale or a refurb where the structure is already in place and fairly sound. Think about at least double that.

Chocolateteapot Sun 30-Mar-08 18:35:00

We were told approximately £1000 per square metre as well and the first quote has reflected it. Extension is 44 square metres over two floors and quote was for a fixed price of £40k not including the fittings for an ensuite.

Next quote is for a shell so not really comparable as much cheaper. I think it depends on what area of the country you are to a large extent.

Fizzylemonade Sun 30-Mar-08 18:44:56

Just check the back garden for anything that might need to be moved like manhole covers, my mate is about to exend and they have to have the drain inspection chambers re-sited so it will cost more but £1000 per square meter is about right.

Then you have to factor in the cost of the new kitchen, moving plumbing etc.

Good luck.

walmer67 Thu 31-Mar-11 09:47:24

I am a Chartered Architect. Provide the ground is good, i.e. simple straight forward strip foundations, and you want a reasonable standard of finish, £1000/sqm is a good rule of thumb. However, other factors which may affect the price, are underground services, (as mentioned above), is the property listed, or in a conservation area, etc.... Planning Fees and Building Control Application Fees should together be around about £600 - £700. There is an additional inspection fee required by Building Control, but without a better description I couldn't advise on that at the moment. If you wish to contact me at to describe your ideas better I could give you an approximation of the design costs.

jeanjeannie Thu 31-Mar-11 10:25:49

We use £1250/sqm (+) as a rule of thumb....we're in the South East. We've found building materials/skips etc have gone through the roof. Lack of trade sales with major housing developments stalling have forced supplier prices up.

I think £1250/sqm is more realistic as it allows for the planning / design / fittings etc. But then it also depends on the spec you want and allows for a few unforseen things as Fizzylemonade pointed out.

I reckon if you think in the area of £20,000 - £30, 000 and then look to see what's important to you and where you think you could make savings smile

walmer67 Thu 31-Mar-11 10:33:30

As I say the £1000/sqm is a "rule of thumb". For more accurate budgeting you should employ the services of a Quantity Surveyor if budgets are tight and you do not want to receive a nasty suprise when tenders from prospective builders are returned.

pascalbuildteam Thu 13-Mar-14 16:03:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

superlambanana Fri 14-Mar-14 08:06:26

Our two storey 4x5m extension is costing £55k inc vat. Don't forget about the vat - we did and got a nasty shock when we realised we'd have to find another £10k!! That's not including kitchen units etc or sanitary ware, but does include changing the existing kitchen into a small utility and a cloakroom, and all the drains have had to be rerouted. The type of roof you have also makes a difference - flat roof is obviously cheaper.

superlambanana Fri 14-Mar-14 08:06:59

Darn it. Didn't realise this was an old thread with an advert on it...

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