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Windows. UPVC or wood?

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Swedes Tue 18-Mar-08 10:59:55

Our windows are all currently UPVC - which I don't really like. Our rear windows need replacing and I want to change to wood. I know UPVC is maintenance free. What would you do?

chickytwotimes Tue 18-Mar-08 11:02:15

Swedes. I also love wooden windows but they were out of our price range. We got woodgrain effect upvc in oak and it is great - much better than I ever expected. Most of the companies do it now. If yo ucan afford wood, get it, but if not the newer upvc is good too.

TheDevilEatsNestle Tue 18-Mar-08 11:02:27

wood wood wood

mumblechum Tue 18-Mar-08 11:10:05

UPVC are utterly horrid. Have turned down otherwise lovely houses as it would cost a fortune to replace them with wooden ones.

chickytwotimes Tue 18-Mar-08 11:11:02

<<hides head in shame at pauperliness>>

Swedes Tue 18-Mar-08 11:27:21

What is the price difference? We are replacing only the rear windows which will means 11 windows.

SleepIsForTheWeak Tue 18-Mar-08 11:57:45

I have just had a new wood double glazed window in, it is about coudle the cost of PVC, but looks much nicer

SleepIsForTheWeak Tue 18-Mar-08 11:58:07

sorry - "double"

TheDevilEatsNestle Tue 18-Mar-08 11:58:40

upvc can devalue your house too.

CountessDracula Tue 18-Mar-08 11:59:59


You can maintain them - UPVC will have to be ripped out and replaced when they go

lalalonglegs Tue 18-Mar-08 13:48:09

If the house is pre-1950, wood every time. Agree with Devil, uPVC will devalue a really nice period property so is a false economy (plus harmful to environment and just plain ugly).

hotcrossMonkeybun Tue 18-Mar-08 20:45:50

ha ha, read my blog <under the name of Monkeybird>


tissy Tue 18-Mar-08 20:56:51

we have had wooden double-glazed windows put in, and we paid about £1000 per window {shock]. They are all large windows, mind, and we didn't get them all put in at once!

hotcrossMonkeybun Tue 18-Mar-08 20:58:47


I know, SHOCKING self-publicist, but it IS relevant.

Quattrocento Tue 18-Mar-08 20:59:19



onebatmother Tue 18-Mar-08 21:20:51

OH my god, Swedes, you have no idea how obsessive I am on this subject!

Shocked! UPvc is ... a bad word beginning w v and ending in ulgar!

plus it's a huge con - only lasts ten years. Plus v v ugly - proportionally and materially.
Wood, if maintained, will last a hundred years. And is elegant. and not that bad word.

Is it a vict house? vandalism!

Sorry to be so .. firm. Are you back for good?

A grand for a big bay, I reckon.

castille Tue 18-Mar-08 21:24:29

Oh God yes WOOD

I am constantly horrified at the number of lovely old stone houses and barn conversions here (in France) with the most vile uPVC windows and doors. I'm amazed it's allowed


Swedes Tue 18-Mar-08 22:09:06

My last house was Grade II listed (Georgian) and now I live in the commuter belt with uPVC windows. How did it come to this?

Onebat - a grand for a bay sounds like an equine transaction - you mean guineas don't you?

Swedes Tue 18-Mar-08 22:13:12

OMG - before I moved, I spent a depressed morning in bed in my old house studying the agent's particulars - saying to my DP please don't let us buy this fugly house. wink But funnily enough it's a gorgeous house to live in!

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Tue 18-Mar-08 22:14:23

we have quite small windows on our top floor going bigger as you go downstairs

our groundfloor is bays and lots of frech door sillinesses

they are all ok condition but the top two floors are badly in need of replacing

ours are costing £1000 /window minimum

in most of our bedrooms there are two sashes witha mullion that is a minimum of £2000 a room

One of our rooms is only 11 ft by 4ft with four tiny windows - over £4000 of window in a diddy room

I WISH we could do upvc but i just cant - i am sure i will love the sashes but they are damned pricey

WendyWeber Tue 18-Mar-08 22:18:20

Come and live in Lancs - uPVC is de rigueur in your average Vict house grin

It is soooo nice not having to worry about rot and paint and sash cords....

(NB our sash windows had been replaced with cheap nasty transoms before we moved in, but in any case uPVC does not devalue round here)

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Tue 18-Mar-08 22:23:20

i know wnedy

I do say to dp ph i 'wish' we could

love it from inside all hermetically sealed and clean and the rain looks so FAR away!

AND you can get it in cream!

<crawls off to go and cry over window quotes>

emkana Tue 18-Mar-08 22:24:44

round here uPVC windows are actually a selling point

warthog Tue 18-Mar-08 22:25:36


can't believe you're debating this...

IorekByrnison Tue 18-Mar-08 22:31:32

You must replace with wood. It will make you happy every time you see your windows, and you will know that in a small way you have acted to stem the tide of ugliness that threatens to engulf the world.

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