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Leigh on Sea

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honeybrown Tue 05-Feb-08 16:47:41

Does anyone live in Leigh on Sea? I visited at the weekend and I'm smitten....

I'm especially interested to hear from people with children with special needs as my son has autism and I'd like to know what services are around.

Thank you!

honeybrown Tue 05-Feb-08 18:21:09

bump for the early evening crew

honeybrown Fri 08-Feb-08 09:16:36

bump....does anyone live in Leigh???

noddyholder Fri 08-Feb-08 09:24:10

Don't live there but had a fling with someone who lived there years ago.It is the posh bit of southend for everyone who's done alright!Very nice though lovely houses and bars and pubs

alp Fri 08-Feb-08 10:05:06

My parents grew up near there and my grandparents still live there. When we visit we go to the rare breeds centre which is nr Hadleigh Castle - it is run by the Salvation Army and is a lovely place where the kids can feed the sheep etc. There is a lovely cafe for tea and cake afterwards. Sorry can't be of more help!!

honeybrown Mon 11-Feb-08 17:57:52

thank you anyway!

perpetualworrier Mon 11-Feb-08 18:45:52

House prices are sky high, because the local primaries have a good rep for getting into the grammar ( Southend is still a Grammar school area)

I have a friend who lives in Leigh and she's been very disappointed with her little girls "excellent" school, as although they are apparently great with the bright kids, there's no room for the ones that struggle. Her DD doesn't have any defined special needs, but is not exceeding all the targets and finds school difficult. They also find it difficult, as there seems to be a culture of very pushy and competitive mums. They are also worried about what to do for secondary, as although it's great if you get into the grammar, the other schools are not so good.

Sorry, I don't know about special needs provision though.

dosydot Mon 11-Feb-08 18:53:49

I'm there, will read your posts and try and answer all your Q

dosydot Mon 11-Feb-08 19:02:14

We still have special needs schools in the area,( I apologise now if my terminology is not correct) A physical special needs school, 2 schools for severe/complex special needs, 3 moderate special needs and an speech and laguage unit.

Some primarys also have integrated units. and children are well supported in mainstrem schools as per parents wishes.

We are still a grammar school area.and have to agree that some of the non grammars are not so great but others are good.

Loads to do in the area and beach is as clean as many others.

Housing is expensive but if you live on the boarder of L-O-S like I do ( 1 road outside postcode) you can knock 35 grand off the price.

Old Leigh is great for a pint after a long walk to wear out the kids on a summer afternoon.


smartiejake Mon 11-Feb-08 19:02:28

There are some very good primaries around that area but unfortunately the secondaries are dire. Unless your child has the potential to pass the 11+ or you have enough money to send them private, it might be a considerable concern regardless of how lovely the area is.
Not sure what the sn is like in the mainstream schools but there is a school nearby (Shoebury I think) that has a special unit for sn children that I have heard good things about(it's secondary though). There are some good special schools not far away but it depends on your sons needs and whether you want him to be in mainstream.

Realx123 Sat 03-Jan-15 13:52:23

It's okay in Leigh I lived there for a while. It's basically a retreat lots of eastend folk have moved too. Prices are much cheaper to other Home Counties as it's got the essex banner attached. This can be quite obvious at times I'm afraid and its a bit showey! Overall Kent and hertfordshire are less brash but probably more wealthly it's just more reserved. If you can afford a bit more I would choose areas such as seven oaks in Kent or cuffley in hertfordshire. Depends what you want but Leigh is good value for the house sizes. As with most things you get what you pay for and its less expensive for a reason.

emeline Sat 03-Jan-15 13:58:42

Is it possible to elucidate a bit as to what constitutes the brash and /or showy aspect(s) of Leigh? Intrigued!

Spickle Sat 03-Jan-15 21:52:02

Have a look at St Christopher School in Leigh and Cedar Hall School in Thundersley which are both excellent schools in the area for children on the autistic spectrum. My friend speaks very highly of Cedar Hall which is doing wonders for her autistic daughter (9 years old). Leigh-on-Sea is a nice area with some desirable areas. There are many character houses with decent room sizes, high ceilings etc I believe some parts near the estuary have had subsidence issues, so might be worth doing some research on this. An ex work colleague of mine has lived in Leigh for many years and loves it.

RabbitSaysWoof Sat 03-Jan-15 21:56:08

I would imagine Relax is talking about Leigh Broadway emeline

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