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north-east - heighington, county durham -what's it like?

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auntiebetty Wed 23-Jan-08 18:02:43

Looking at moving here. Have had good reports from locals but it comes up quite badly on I am hoping upmy street is wrong! Does anyone know this area?

kiskidee Wed 23-Jan-08 18:08:59

I taught in darlington a while and the kids (seconday) from heighington were all nice. i don't know it otherwise though as I don't live locally.

auntiebetty Wed 23-Jan-08 18:10:36

kis was it hummersknott school?

kiskidee Wed 23-Jan-08 18:22:53

yes it was

auntiebetty Wed 23-Jan-08 18:25:42

fantastic I was looking at this school what was it like?

kiskidee Wed 23-Jan-08 18:35:47

it is a v. good school, all round except the school meals were just cold sandwiches, etc when I was there.

they have a v. strong language college (I do mfl) currently offer russian and mandarin among the usual subjects. they took a school trip to st petersburg a few yrs ago.

can also strongly recommend Carmel which is Catholic and a Technology College.

from Heighington you'd be in the catchment for both.

auntiebetty Wed 23-Jan-08 18:38:00

not catholic but keen on hummersknott. has there ever been talk of changing the catchment areas away from heighington that you know of. Don't want to move there and then end up at a different school!
Did you feel the heighington kids missed out by not being local?

kiskidee Wed 23-Jan-08 18:42:34

couldn't really tell if they missed out or not. I would think not as it is near enough to darlington for them to get back and forth at their age.

you don't have to be catholic to go to a catholic school. the northeast does not have the cutthroat application issues as down south. (don't know where you are) and don't know how you feel about catholic schools.

I currently teach in one and find the atmosphere and personal relationships between staff-pupil to be fantastic, in the one I teach. it is something that is cultivated and it helps immensely with behavioural issues.

auntiebetty Wed 23-Jan-08 18:46:38

I've been looking at heighington and mowden to live and I'm going to visit hummersknott in a couple of weeks.

storch Wed 23-Jan-08 22:09:14

mowden is good too. the primary in mowden has a good rep.

auntiebetty Thu 24-Jan-08 09:15:42

thanks storch and kis

soontobealone Sat 26-Jan-08 22:44:27

anybody else know heighington?

AlleyKat02 Mon 03-Mar-08 23:29:33

I know Heighington, I live here and its fab. Came from here originally and spent years trying to move back. The property can be a little expensive but for a reason, the village is quiet and beautiful, the primary school second to none, all in all a great place to live

AlleyKat02 Mon 03-Mar-08 23:31:56

Sorry for the double post, but just remembered, if you're in any doubt about just how nice Heighington is, it was voted the UK's No 1 Perfect Village by the BBC in a country wide competition. Plus one of my children goes to Hummersknott now, so any q's about that I can help toooooo

Maurina Tue 12-Jul-16 00:42:47

I am was born and bred in Co.Durham .There is a huge influx of students ..'Southerners ' (as you insist on calling yourself.) at Durham Uni which I attended .Why not ask some of those( seriously.)
Perhaps they could give you an insight into the species referred to as 'Northerners'
Please take care not to generalise .
I live10 miles from Newton Ayclffe and Heighington and wouldn' t dream of living there.

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