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Escapetothecatshome Thu 25-Nov-21 13:34:32

We moved into our house in March, its an old house built in the 1760s and needed a lot of work doing to it - you can imagine. It had gotten too much for the previous owners and everything was very tired and grubby. We've started work on doing it up with the view of it being our forever home or for at least the next 20 plus years. New boiler, new kitchen,new bathroom, the list goes on complete re decoration.

Its a corner plot surrounded by older houses to the left of our house is a large open green field across a narrow road / lane, on Saturday we had a letter through the post saying theirs plans for 30 houses along this busy stretch of rather small road, creating a new housing estate of homes for rent. We knew nothing about this development although apparently it was granted permission 7 years ago for 12 new houses, the previous owners never mentioned anything and nothing came up in the searches.
Naively we just thought it was allotted "green space".

I can just about manage with the level of traffic we're very close to a busy school and main road, this letter has come as a huge shock and huge disappointment, I understand everyone needs a home but the proposal has got the whole neighbour hood completely disillusioned.
I went to the meeting yesterday, spoke to some lovely local councillors who all believe its a done deal and the meeting was just going through the motions and ticking boxes. They've even got the schedule worked out and if all goes through they be putting in a new junction across from my driveway in the spring.

Our initial thoughts were we've got to move, because it will just be to much traffic and noise in already built up area. But the house is in no condition to just put on the market and I wouldn't / couldn't sell the house to some unwitting buyer.

Previous owner still pops round and we still have to drop of their post as they've moved into rented, is it unreasonable to think they should have mentioned it ?

Would welcome any opinions just need some clear advice as I feel heartbroken and in limbo x Can't even think about christmas now.

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Magstermay Sat 27-Nov-21 09:54:23

I don’t think you can hold the vendors responsible unless you asked them a direct question about it and they lied. We bought near fields so did research on planning, but our vendors didn’t tell us anything. They’re trying to sell the house so won’t point out any potential negatives.

I can understand you being annoyed but it’s not their fault.

Escapetothecatshome Sat 27-Nov-21 16:46:56

Thank you for all your comments, its helped me not feel so alone with all this, I know the houses are coming so I'm just going to enjoy the house and see how everything pans out once their built.

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Xfox Sat 27-Nov-21 21:57:49

A sensible mindset to keep.

Though I can understand you being annoyed on finding out. I'm in the process of buying, and the TA6 from the sellers specifically asked if they were aware of any planning applications etc for nearby property or land. They have answered no. I'm 99% sure this is a lie, as I am well aware, depite living in a neghbouring county, a piece of land over the road had been given planning, as at the time there were quite a few news articles about it and the former site buildings. Similar situation to you, as it has lapsed, but is still on the council's long term development plan. The plans don't bother me, but their acting oblivious made me a bit hmm

BasiliskStare Sun 28-Nov-21 02:17:38

@Escapetothecatshome - I am with you on this - I live in a built up neighbourhood so pretty much nothing could be done - last house found out huge development being done behind our house ( by removing something and rebuilding ) It did worry me but actually when it was done it was OK )

Please try not to worry - these things happen so if & yes if a field I can see that - but if done nicely it may be OK & then nothing worse can be built on that field.

Short of owning a massive estate what do you do - I have a friend who has a house with 6 acres - they are putting a solar farm adjacent to him

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