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CLP86 Thu 25-Nov-21 11:51:14


We have the opportunity to purchase a lovely new build plot. The house is my absolute dream internally but externally the garden would be facing east... the agent seems keen to reassure me that we would get sun as it is on the corner but I'm not convinced.

Has anyone got any advice? We really like to bbq in our garden on Summers evenings and weekends but aren't actually heat worshippers so sunbathing etc isn't for us.

Any thoughts? It is Plot 172 on the attached photo.

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Subbaxeo Fri 26-Nov-21 10:32:33

I have exactly the same orientation (SE) and we get the sun in the summer until about 7pm but there is a part of the garden which still gets sun even at that time. Used to have a SW garden which was lovely but did get very hot. Our rental was NE and it really put me off.

buckwheat Fri 26-Nov-21 13:30:30

Same here, exactly like our garden (SE). Ours get sun till 7 as well. You will get sun at the back of your house till maybe 3 in summer and evening sun in the bottom of the garden. It works lovely for us, our garden is bigger but surrounded by mature trees and we are on the hill. I do miss late evening sun sometimes but there are only so many sunny days here that I think house and location is more important.

Subbaxeo Fri 26-Nov-21 13:43:27

Think of all the lovely sunny breakfasts!

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