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Northernlurker Wed 24-Nov-21 23:41:58

Dh wants one in new kitchen. Because it's cool I think.

I think it's expensive bollocks that we don't need and would potentially be dangerous for future grandchildren.

Who's right?

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ExcessiveIyDisorganised Thu 25-Nov-21 08:06:36

I was sceptical too but DH wanted one so we got a Quooker when we redid our kitchen. It's amazing. Tea tastes fine, its childproof, just so, so useful. The only time I miss the kettle is when I want a big pan full of boiling water as its more awkward to lift the pan from the sink to the hob than to take a kettle to the hob. It only takes up about a quarter of the undersink cupboard. Ours also provides normal hot water which is a big improvement as our tank is miles from the kitchen and it used to take ages to run through.

Justcannotbearsed Thu 25-Nov-21 08:19:43

We got one recently. We did say today that it’s a ridiculously expensive tap. You can buy a lot of kettles for a £1000. We also have an induction that boils water quickly for cooking.

On the other hand…it’s a Qooker, I drink a lot of tea and the tea is the same as from a kettle. I was worried about that. It uses up a third of a cupboard underneath, we got the smaller tank. It’s impossible to turn on by a accident.

It’s our only tap. Friend is getting normal taps too which might reduce any possible chances of accidents further, but really go to a showroom and see.

But get a qooker asi think it’s the only proper boiling one. The one we have at work is crap.

GameofPhones Thu 25-Nov-21 08:33:49

Isn't there a running cost?

VitalsStable Thu 25-Nov-21 08:46:27

Couldn't live without ours, no waiting for tea or coffee or filling the saucepan. They all have safety mechanisms which makes it hard to scald yourself. By the time kids are old enough and tall enough to use the kitchen sink alone they should be sensible enough to not run their hands under boiling water.

Kettles can boil dry causing fires, be pulled from counter top, I'd say it's harder for kids to hurt themselves on the tap.

hamstersarse Thu 25-Nov-21 08:48:22

Expensive bollocks.

They constantly break as well.

My friend's broke recently and was complaining it was £500 to fix it.

When I said you could have just bought a kettle for £50, the penny dropped

cushioncovers Thu 25-Nov-21 08:50:50

£1000? Bloody hell.


Etherealhedgehog Thu 25-Nov-21 08:53:04

I have had one at two different workplaces and both made undrinkable tea. Can't for the life of me understand what people see in them

bigdecisionstomake Thu 25-Nov-21 08:54:42

We used to have one of these at work and the tea always tasted awful as it never quite reached boiling. Was obviously a cheap one based on the comments above....

doodleygirl Thu 25-Nov-21 08:56:23

I have one, like you my DH wanted it, I would prefer a kettle! However it’s fine, works well and no funny tasting drinks. I don’t know why you think it’s dangerous for future grandchildren, mine has a child proof button.

I do also have a stove top kettle for my induction hob as I find it takes too long for multiple drinks and we often have a big crowd for dinner.

AuntyFungal Thu 25-Nov-21 09:04:26

I’ve had a Quooker for 13 ish years. No problems apart from general serving (descaling). No funny tasting tea.

Quooker is the only hot tap which water comes out of the tap at 100. It stores in the tank above 100.

Tank is 15cm wide (round). Hardly takes up any room under the sink.

BoredZelda Thu 25-Nov-21 09:19:36

Laughing at the “tea tastes funny” comments.

If I assume that’s coming from people in England, anywhere south of Yorkshire, your tea tastes funny. Don’t these taps come with a filter that means you’ve actually got clear water to make tea with? Whenever we visit England, I have to go for coffee as I find most tea undrinkable with unfiltered water.

I’d love a boiling tap though. We had one at work and it was much better than faffing with a kettle. Some people claimed it gave them a dodgy tummy though.

steppemum Thu 25-Nov-21 09:22:30

my brother had one.
I hated it.

I felt like I had to be really carful not to catch my arm under it when using it.
I think the tea tasted funny
I found the splatting of boiling water dangerous.
Hated the noise of it.

BUT when there are 16 of us there for Christmas, it was very very useful for making tea

AgedVellum Thu 25-Nov-21 09:22:54

Expensive gadget aimed at people who are anal about having a kettle ‘on display’ on their worktops.

Also, given that Mn loves a thread with a social class angle, in my experience it’s a lower-middle-class thing.

30whatacrock Thu 25-Nov-21 09:40:52


Tea tastes funny?

Wow. That's a deal breaker

Tea doesn’t taste funny. They are brilliant, especially for cooking. They also won’t be dangerous for any grandchild, you can’t turn it on accidentally.

That said they are about £2,000 for a decent one. If your having your kitchen done at the same time you can get some good deals. Otherwise it’s a big expense but definitely worth it. Looks much nice than an ugly kettle too.

steppemum Thu 25-Nov-21 09:44:06


Expensive gadget aimed at people who are anal about having a kettle ‘on display’ on their worktops.

Also, given that Mn loves a thread with a social class angle, in my experience it’s a lower-middle-class thing.

The people I know who have one are very much monied middle class

alpinia Thu 25-Nov-21 09:48:56

Have a Quooker. Debated a bit about the whole expensive tap thing but after a few years I think it'd be the one thing we'd replace for sure if we got a new kitchen. Kind of wish I'd got the one that does sparkling water too but that seemed a bit much! Our tea does not taste funny either.

Not dangerous at all and almost impossible for anyone to turn on accidentally. Does not splash boiling water everywhere. Surely more dangerous to have kettle full of boiling water sitting on the side if that's the line of thought?

Justcannotbearsed Thu 25-Nov-21 09:57:24

If I got a kitchen done again I’d put one in again. Definitely a middle class thing. We’ve got a wine fridge too….and an island. Sliding doors instead of bifolds though…

misstiggiwinkle Thu 25-Nov-21 09:58:26

Does it have to be a Quooker? I've been looking at the Perrin & Rowe ones...

AgedVellum Thu 25-Nov-21 10:00:32

Sure, @steppemum, some of the people I know with them are 'monied' too, but that doesn't mean they aren't lower-middle-class.

hanahsaunt Thu 25-Nov-21 10:00:46

The only time I have seen one in action there was sputtering and the home owner received a nasty scald. I am with you.

Whitney168 Thu 25-Nov-21 10:02:23

We are currently having kitchen done and debated one for cooking, but didn't bother in the end. I would think they'd be great for coffee (which I don't drink, but I have never had tea out of one that tasted right, always a bit furry.

(Friend has recently had her kitchen done - her geeky husband has the best of everything and tea is still crap out of their boiling water tap. If he couldn't get it right, I had no hope. That was the final nail in the coffin.)

WB205020 Thu 25-Nov-21 10:04:12

The Franke tap we got did cost about a £1k when we did our kitchen but its brilliant. I wouldn't be without it now TBH. Instant boiling water. Makes life so much easier. Not just for tea and coffee but saves a lot of time when you need to boil water on the hob etc. each to their own but i swear ours is a god send and used so many times a day!

steppemum Thu 25-Nov-21 10:08:27


Sure, *@steppemum*, some of the people I know with them are 'monied' too, but that doesn't mean they aren't lower-middle-class.

do you know I knew you would come back and say money doesn't = class.

Ok I will say it differently.

All the people I know who have them are very much middle/upper middle class. Not remotely lower middle.

Just my experience, I am sure yours is different, but they are not a lower middle class thing here

larkle Thu 25-Nov-21 10:15:05

I didn't want one but my husband persuaded me.
I LOVE it. Instant sterilisation, hot drinks literally on tap, rinsing pasta etc etc
I am so glad he persuaded me to try it

skipperjonce Thu 25-Nov-21 10:22:57

We had a grohe one thrown in for free with our bespoke kitchen. Bloody love it!

No splatter, very safe, tea tastes perfectly normal.

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