i'm confused by my chain

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Amadrienia Thu 25-Nov-21 09:32:53

We've just exchanged and about to complete in a couple of weeks after a 15 month hell.

Best advice I can give:

1. Instruct solicitor immediately to get buying/selling process started as chain sounds complete from what you said.

2. Make sure you're not holding anything up ie enquiries, documents etc. Send everything to solicitor ASAP, as PPs have already suggested.

3. Apply for mortgage sooner rather than later as rates will most likely be starting to crawl back up soon.

4. Chase EA/solicitor for updates on a weekly basis for updates in how everyone else are doing and plan accordingly.

In a perfect world the whole thing is quite simple once chain is complete ie. appoint solicitors, do searches and survey if one is needed, answer enquiries, get mortgage offer, exchange and complete.

But the process in England sucks so a lot of crap can happen in between.

Best of luck!

Constance1 Wed 24-Nov-21 22:28:22

Not sure why you are confused, you were the top of a short chain and you are now in the middle of a longer one due to your purchase! Think of the poor people below you in the chain who now find themselves in a more complicated situation than they thought they were in..Yes you should definitely sort mortgage out asap, and book a survey. Good luck!

TheNoonBell Wed 24-Nov-21 22:21:50

and get the solicitors paperwork back ASAP. Every time.

TheNoonBell Wed 24-Nov-21 22:20:38

It WAS a short chain until you bought your chain to the party, now it is a bit bigger.

Apply for mortgage now and then get your survey on the property you are buying sorted with your mortgage provider.

Then hurry up and wait.

Hopefully you will be done within 2-3 months.

MarshwoodFran Wed 24-Nov-21 21:48:01

I'm a first time seller and i was told we had sold to short advanced chain who were just waiting for me to find somewhere.

After a month i have found somewhere and there are two people ahead of me. I just found out my 'short' chain is 4 ... making it 7 in total.

In theory we are all sorted now (have somewhere we want to buy/ someone to buy our house)

What should i expect the process to be? Do i wait for them torequest survey? Contact me and say we want to move xyz? Do i apply for my mortgage now? It's pretty scary thinking the chain is so long. I know the person i'm buying off has important reasons for selling and i like the family. I'm scared of letting them down when they could get a cash buyer.

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