Priced out of Cheshire where to move ??

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Veeveeoxox Wed 24-Nov-21 14:55:54

I live in West Cheshire with my OH and DD we currently live in a semi . House prices have gone crazy before COVID 400k would have got us a really nice property with a double garage and 4 good sized bedrooms our budget is now max 450k- 475k but still the pickings aren't great and seriously regretting not pulling the trigger pre covid we don't want to overstretch ourselves. We want somewhere with good secondary schools semi rural but with a town say 20-25 minutes away so not too rural, I'm really sad because I love where I live

Has anyone else also been outpriced when upsizing?

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MeetMeAtOurSpot Wed 24-Nov-21 15:00:23



HollowTalk Wed 24-Nov-21 15:48:38

The Wirral? Excellent grammar schools, houses within your price range, quick train ride to Liverpool and as much countryside as you want, depending on where you choose to live.

TheNoonBell Wed 24-Nov-21 15:54:19

Around Shrewsbury or Telford? Still close enough to Cheshire to visit.

Frazzled2207 Thu 25-Nov-21 08:14:56

I’m from nr Hawarden. I would def look at houses the other side of the border in Wales. I used to commute to chester really easily from there.

It’s a nice area but very car dependent. Kids will have to learn Welsh at school. Healthcare is currently very poor though. My parents doctors surgery currently doesn’t have any resident doctors.

Sparkles512 Thu 25-Nov-21 09:19:34

I would look at Shropshire, its right on the border to Cheshire but prices are a lot lower and there are some lovely little villages.

Subbaxeo Thu 25-Nov-21 18:10:21

Do you commute? If so, to where? That would be my starting point. Do you need decent trains?Are you happy with new builds? If you’re wfh, I would look at near Malpas-excellent school but car dependent. Not too far from Whitchurch.
We couldn’t find anything in Cheshire and prices shot up so we moved to N Wales and very happy. Prices up here too but still better value.


PussyCatEatingPigsInBlankets Thu 25-Nov-21 21:50:13

East Cheshire?

PussyCatEatingPigsInBlankets Thu 25-Nov-21 21:56:47

Outskirts of Nantwich


BitterTits Thu 25-Nov-21 21:59:12

Most Shrewsbury schools aren't great.

Veeveeoxox Fri 26-Nov-21 21:18:20

Thank you all looking at mostly North Wales close to the border with chester and Owestry in Shropshire we actually like new builds blush so that's not a problem . I work as a HCP so doesn't matter much where I live as there's always jobs.
Just to throw a spanner in the works a few properties have appeared in our local area that are in budget!!

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Subbaxeo Fri 26-Nov-21 22:38:17

Cuddington has a couple of new build estates with nice, spacious houses in your budget. Near Delamere, train to Chester and lovely village and countryside-in Cheshire West. Also Delamere Park is nice, leafy estate with 70s houses and very well planned-houses in your budget. You do pay a fee towards the pool and clubhouse etc. But it’s a lovely development. Mickle Trafford?

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