Quartz behind gas hob

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ToExtendOrNotToExtend Wed 24-Nov-21 07:49:55

I have finally decided to have quartz worktop and splash back, however the supplier doesn't recommend fitting quartz behind a gas hob because quartz cannot take the heat. One customer's splash back was damaged by the gas hob. Granite is better.

A gas hob is the priority for my stir fry, not changing that.

I like granite too, choosing quartz because it's easier to look after and the colour suits the kitchen better.

Has anyone fitted quartz behind a gas hob? Any issues or no issues?

Thank you.

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PoshWatchShitShoes Wed 24-Nov-21 07:52:07

My quartz is being templated next week. It's going behind the gas range. I'm also ordering a mirror splashback, which needs to be toughened.

ToExtendOrNotToExtend Wed 24-Nov-21 10:33:48

Will you fit anything behind the sink?
It seems people no longer tile the wall if using quartz, I am concerned will the wall behind the sink get wet and dirty?

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CapBarnacles Wed 24-Nov-21 10:35:25

Oh christ, our mirrored splashback is on it's way for behind the gas range and it is not toughened shock this may turn out to be one very expensive mistake.

QueenPashley Wed 24-Nov-21 12:00:10

We have a full quartz upstand behind the gas hob. The remainder is a 10cm quartz upstand with toughened mirror above

QueenPashley Wed 24-Nov-21 12:06:46

I should have added the mirror extends behind the sink - it is fine. I use a green minky cloth to clean any water marks. This was all fitted 18 months ago.

TizerorFizz Wed 24-Nov-21 12:48:48

I have quartz behind a gas job too. Cleans easily and no grout!


TizerorFizz Wed 24-Nov-21 12:49:01

Job!!! Hob.

jaundicedoutlook Wed 24-Nov-21 22:02:11

If you are firing up the hob to high temperatures then it’s quite likely quartz will be damaged over time.

The best surface for high temperatures is Dekton. Slightly pricier than quartz but probably better in the long run.

GreenLunchBox Wed 24-Nov-21 22:12:26

I've had the quartz of my splashback crack. Posted on here about it but only one person replied so the thread died

ToExtendOrNotToExtend Wed 24-Nov-21 23:15:44

I think I will go for quartz, I would like to fit a piece behind the sink too, will that look wired?

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PoshWatchShitShoes Thu 25-Nov-21 07:03:34

@ToExtendOrNotToExtend can you extend the quartz backsplash right across the back? 2 extended pieces might look a bit disjointed

Fadette Thu 25-Nov-21 07:07:52

I have white quartz and a 10cm upstand all the way around, including behind the sink and the hob. I've only ever had one problem with it and that was when DH cooked and put the saucepan too far back on the hob so that it was actually touching the splashback while he cooked and it discoloured a bit. The mark has actually faded now a few years later.
We also have a glass splashback behind the hob.

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