Extension Thread 2021.....aka "where's the bloody builder?"

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Callmejudith Thu 18-Nov-21 12:03:09

New thread!

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PoshWatchShitShoes Thu 18-Nov-21 12:17:40

Yay 👏 Thanks for the new thread @Callmejudith

Did the rooflight guy show up?

I've just extended our Airbnb till 13th December. Paid, done, we're moving back in on that day!!

Met really nice carpet guy at site, who didn't say no to a before Christmas installation!! I'm crossing my legs that his quote isn't insane 🤞

PoshWatchShitShoes Thu 18-Nov-21 12:20:07

@wonkylegs hope the other tiler quote comes through. I'm trying to accept everything won't be done by Christmas. Teenagers are hardy 😆

@Hothammock great news of tap fix!

Callmejudith Thu 18-Nov-21 12:30:25

Rooflight guy is awol. I’ve escaped to work I just can’t deal with another day of this. Floor guy is happy to just come in the morning.

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LivingInABuildingSite Thu 18-Nov-21 12:41:22

Good new thread!

Plasterers here cracking on. Amazing how much better it looks even with wet plaster rather than patches of board/old walls/etc.

Missed call from rear neighbours about fences, at least she said her name so I know that now! Only lived behind them for 17 years!

PoshWatchShitShoes Thu 18-Nov-21 12:46:24

Yay for plasterers @LivingInABuildingSite 👏 Agree it makes it look like an actual room rather than a bloody mess.

Just called a company about an antique mirror splash-back and they MIGHT have some in stock for before Christmas installation. Just waiting to hear back once she sees the plan I've sent across. That would actually make me cry happy tears for a change 😂

Indecisivelurcher Thu 18-Nov-21 13:21:13

Hullo! Just checking in. Feel like a real mumsnetter saying that. Was in a work meeting yesterday and mumsnet got a mention, colleague across the room muttered 'I love mumsnet' which was quite a nice surprise! Will defo be including aibu in my meeting notes...

So, kitchen fitter is here, yey! 4 days later than expected. We are on the finishing straight of our small project here, small compared to others on here. Will be very glad to see the end! Maybe 2 weeks I think, kitchen units, a few bits of carpentry, then outside jobs of steps and patio. Have started to use the space now, so had my first, oo this is quite good! Kind of moment yesterday. It'll be worth it, everyone.


LivingInABuildingSite Thu 18-Nov-21 14:55:28

Indecisive - you do sound near the end which is good news.

In a step back the plasterers have disappeared 🧐 they’ve done a great job so far, I thought they were heading out for lunch but I think they’re done for the day, more plastering still to do tomorrow. I do hope they don’t charge for a full day though!

In a step forward however - the side extension roof light and back door can come tomorrow in a last minute cancellation, yey.
And apparently they want to replace one panel of glass in the roof lantern but I knew nothing about that.

Means we’ll almost be watertight! I have to sort out something for the front ‘garage style’ doors on the side as the hole is not standard (because I thought it was too small so asked to make it bigger). Hoping the carpenter can come up with something - has a temp mdf sheet as a giant door atm.

NatMoz Thu 18-Nov-21 15:12:34

We're 4 months in now and I was told the kitchen was being loaded 'onto a van as we speak' an hour ago. I've got the plasterer downstairs waiting for them to arrive and I'm 36.5 weeks pregnant so can't help at all.

Just give me a bloody sink. Not had a downstairs sink in months

Callmejudith Thu 18-Nov-21 16:16:01

I swear I am going to kill someone.

Upstand was finished at 10. I tried to call both the rooflight guy and the main guy. Nothing. So I messaged them both. Nothing. Both DH and I have tried to call them several times. Nothing.

Just got an email from the office saying "we need a photo of the finished upstand and will then book you in". I sent them back a seriously shitty email. The fitter PROMISED me he would come back today. What the fuck is wrong with these liars. I hate hate hate them.

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Callmejudith Thu 18-Nov-21 16:30:06

Got an arsey reply back saying "it's not our fault that the opening wasn't ready"

I pointed out to them that:

- The fitter promised to be here today. It's common courtesy to answer the phone.
- Two people from their company (including the fucking OWNER) had seen the opening and not said anything about an upstand
- We had months of delay because they ordered the wrong size of rooflight
- This was supposed to be installed last week and they cancelled the WRONG one and the one in the office was the wrong size
- We had been a week without being able to close the doors because they fucked up

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sluj Thu 18-Nov-21 17:35:10

Thanks for setting us up with the new thread @Callmejudith.
Sounds like there has been a mixed bag of progress today.
I decided to go out shopping today instead of painting ( easily persuaded) and ended up with a new cloakroom vanity unit, a lovely mirror in the John Lewis sale and 2 litres of Baileys. grin
Plus coffee and cake in John Lewis. I'll think about the painting tomorrow........

whataboutbob Thu 18-Nov-21 18:12:22

Can I join in? I’m renovating my rental flat. To keep costs down I’ve redecorated the bedrooms myself. However it needs a new kitchen , carpets in bedrooms and vinyl in hall / bathroom/ toilet/ kitchen. So far have had IKEA delay kitchen delivery by 4 weeks ( but deliver part of the kitchen after cancelling, when I wasn’t at the property ) kitchen fitter pushed date back twice, 1 vinyl fitter just didn’t turn up and didn’t answer phone, another rang 1/2 hour before eta to cancel. Each trade visit means me travelling to the property, which takes a whole day out. Going again this Saturday to finish some redecoration then really hoping kitchen and fitter arrive on the 29th🤞.

Callmejudith Thu 18-Nov-21 18:16:27

Sorry I'm being me me me but also want to just document.

Email back saying "usually we wouldn't be able to fit you in for 2 weeks but having reviewed the history I will get you in for Saturday"

Not sure what to do about flooring now, might just get him to start in the front room

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MissFritton65 Thu 18-Nov-21 18:52:44

The sliders and my new kitchen space. Apologies for poor lighting but just taken the photo and only first fix electrics but really pleased with the space.

wonkylegs Thu 18-Nov-21 18:58:46

@Callmejudith oh no! That's shitty.

@sluj shopping sounds good especially the Baileys - I'm currently not drinking alcohol in the week (trying to lose a little weight) but it's been a really bad day in a bad week so I'm struggling not to pour a large glass of something.

@whataboutbob 🤞

wonkylegs Thu 18-Nov-21 18:59:22

@MissFritton65 looks good - it's going to be lovely and light in there.

MissFritton65 Thu 18-Nov-21 19:07:29

@wonkylegs definitely as it south facing so even in the gloomy north it will be light!

NewHouseNewMe Thu 18-Nov-21 20:37:21

Found you all!
That looks great @MissFritton65. When are they estimating completion as it looks close?
@Callmejudith - they are horrendous. It’s the lies that is most upsetting isn’t it? If they were straight with you, you’d prefer the honesty.

We are pretty much there on getting a contractor but are waiting for the final quote extra and then we commit. Every day it’s coming - sigh..

NewHouseNewMe Thu 18-Nov-21 20:49:31

Btw as you are all so close to the end, I’ll be here on my own when you’re all enjoying your new spaces. grin

Indecisivelurcher Thu 18-Nov-21 21:06:16

Hullo @whataboutbob, you definitely sound like one of the gang!

MissFritton65 Thu 18-Nov-21 22:36:45

Hello and welcome @whataboutbob.
@NewHouseNewMe they are telling us the interior it will be 95% by Christmas 🤞🤞they are right! We are due to move back in next Friday after 17 days out and to be fair they have done loads in the last week. We've been told totally finished by February which will be a year but 80% increase in floor space in current circumstances probably pretty good.

MissFritton65 Fri 19-Nov-21 00:42:48

Obviously speaking in northern- " interior it will be"!! In general parlance - the interior will be completed by Christmas - either way I don't give a s**t as long as it is!

whataboutbob Fri 19-Nov-21 08:30:55

Thanks @wonkylegs @indecisivelurcher @MissFritton65. for your welcome! My project is small in comparison with some of the big transformations on here, but I totally identify with the frustrations and small triumphs. I will post regularly as things progress. Good to have found some fellow renovators!

whataboutbob Fri 19-Nov-21 08:31:55

Just realised this is really about extensions not renovations, so thank you again for the welcome!

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