Does anyone have a Verisure alarm, or other recommendation

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kerosene20 Thu 25-Nov-21 00:08:26

Can I ask how much the actual system cost is roughly please? I’ve been considering this system for a 3 bed terraced house. Thanks

Greenybluetowel Sat 20-Nov-21 10:30:27

@eca80 - see this is a huge plus, I'm happy to pay for monitoring

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Greenybluetowel Sat 20-Nov-21 10:28:08

Thank you all, this is really helpful
@ilovesouthlondon thank you, same equipment as I would get

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eca80 Sat 20-Nov-21 10:25:57

The difference in price is maintenance vs monitoring. Maintenance is just coming out annually to make sure equipment works. Monitoring means they respond when an alarm is triggered, thus is more expensive.
A maintenance only contract means it is your responsibility to respond(think alarm going off and you are miles away / have phone turned off, whatever).

We have Verisure - it was an insurance requirement to have a monitored alarm. I probably would have leaned towards a Ring system initially, but having had a couple of alarms accidentally triggered, one of which I never noticed (you get a phone alert), am really happy that it isn’t all my responsibility.

Verisure has given us great customer insurance, and I really appreciate how transparent their pricing system is vs other comparable monitoring companies.

Roselilly36 Sat 20-Nov-21 10:21:58

No camera, it was installed quite a few years back, if the alarm triggers, it calls me, if it can’t reach me, DH etc. It tells us what PIR was activated. Dummy box at the back of the house, the main box was sited at the side, as the company that quoted said best to site it close to your nosiest neighbour 😂 it’s a deterrent that give you peace of mind. Ours didn’t call the police, and probably a waste of time in any case, I don’t imagine police will come rushing round, probably too many false call out alarms. Good luck with whatever option you decide, but worth getting a quote from a local firm for comparison, have a look around, most alarms were put in by a family run business with an excellent reputation, they also did alarms for GP surgery’s and many commercial businesses as well as domestic homes.

ilovesouthlondon Sat 20-Nov-21 08:58:54

@Roselilly36 does this include camera images and do they call you and the police if there's an intruder?

ilovesouthlondon Sat 20-Nov-21 08:57:11

I have verisure £30 per month with an arlo doorbell and its worth it.


Roselilly36 Tue 16-Nov-21 19:28:09

Seems really expensive to me, we had a wireless alarm system, annual maintenance was just over £100 pa, and that included everything, call outs & parts and labour, annual service. Might be worth getting some other quotes.

MissConductUS Tue 16-Nov-21 19:24:11

We did a Ring system and it's brilliant. Monitoring is $100 per year. An electrician can install it. We added the Ring doorbell camera and two outside floodlight cameras. There's a really good app you manage it from.

Greenybluetowel Tue 16-Nov-21 19:08:25

Does anyone have a Verisure alarm? Alarm pack quoted at good price plus £30 per month monitoring which I think is reasonable.

I just want a reliable deterrent more than anything.

House break in a few streets away at weekend and I've thought about investing in an alarm before.

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