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gingerninja1 Wed 27-Oct-21 21:58:13

Last thread is now full so started another one so the mutual support can continue


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Getyourarseofffthequattro Fri 29-Oct-21 11:04:47


Luckily we have been chatting to the people buying this. We are going to have to do two runs. And they are being really lovely about it. I currently don’t own any houses 😂😂😂

Ahhhh I hate the bit in the middle!

ZimZamZoom Fri 29-Oct-21 11:08:29

Hi all. I am hoping against all evidence to the contrary that we will be in by Christmas!
I just went back and counted on the calendar; we have actually 'only' been in this particular chain for 10 weeks. Had our offer accepted mid-August on the same day we viewed.
However, we have been on the house-selling/buying bandwagon for exactly one year today. One sale and one purchase have fallen through in that time. We eventually sold our house in June and have been living with my mum ever since.
In theory, this property should have been incredibly straight forward. We are chain free, our vendors have already bought their onward purchase. So, we want to buy their house and they want to sell it to us....but (and I have started a separate thread about this issue) their previous solicitors 'forgot' to send their application to the Land Registry!! So, although they bought the house in the middle of 2020, the deeds are still not in their name. They have since applied. But nobody seems able to tell me how long that process may take. So, like most of the rest of you on this thread, we are still in limbo angry
And also living with the constant background fear that our mortgage offer may expire before the deeds paperwork is in order.

ZimZamZoom Fri 29-Oct-21 11:13:50


I'm regretting spending hard cash on getting the double oven and all carpets professionally cleaned for new owners now they've pulled this unethical stunt at the last minute.


Puppy did a poo on the patio yesterday so I told my kid I'd leave it for the new owners if they do pull their finger out and go ahead after all. Was going to buy prosecco and nice card!

Ha! I started off with the idea of leaving our buyers a fully stocked new home hamper, getting the oven professionally cleaned, carpets shampooed etc. (Because I am nice like that wink ) but they faffed about SO MUCH that I eventually scaled it back to a nice note telling them things like bin collection days, and all the various house keys labelled correctly. I did, of course, clean the house once it was empty, but no longer felt inclined to go the extra mile IYSWIM

TakeYourFinalPosition Fri 29-Oct-21 11:15:05

@Paranoidandroidmarvin Best of luck for today!

@Getyourarseofffthequattro My fingers are crossed that you get news, but I'm with you... tomorrow never seems to actually com.e

@ZimZamZoom Eek. Have they expedited the change at the Land Registry? I don't know if this would qualify; but I've heard the backlogs are immense.

I'm having a cry in the bathroom. Our buyer came back last night and said he didn't know why his solicitor was saying the 12th, but he needed it to be before the 4th. Our seller responded to say his solicitor had told him there was outstanding paperwork...

Turns out, she was right. For the mortgage he's chosen, he has to prove that he's taken further legal advice, and he hasn't yet. His solicitor has angrily responded to everyone this morning to say that the 5th can't happen as that meeting won't happen until next week, and then they need 5 days to draw down funds, so we're looking at the week after. Buyer has said he'll push his flight back a week, but I have no faith that this will happen, whenever we get close, something falls apart. I'm so fed up.

blacklilypad Fri 29-Oct-21 11:17:08

@gingerninja1 Thanks for the new thread!

@Ruralbliss any news? I think gazundering is even worse than gazumping. I don't know how people can do that.

I hope everyone gets some good updates today.

We have had all our enquiries back and everything looks fine to me. We are waiting on our solicitor to review and summarise everything. I'm desperately hoping to exchange next week which would mark a year since we put our house on the market and started this whole saga.

Getyourarseofffthequattro Fri 29-Oct-21 11:19:14

I'm 100% going to leave our buyer a present. Not booze as I did last time because what from what I remember his family were strict Muslims although I'm not sure he was and I can't exactly ask. I will leave him something nice though because he has been the nicest and most patient man. He works at my doctor's and I am ever grateful that at my last smear test he was not one of the three, yes three hcps present!! I did the viewings with him so it would have been awks!


Getyourarseofffthequattro Fri 29-Oct-21 11:21:23

I imagine our sellers are probably sewing small fish into the curtains as we speak!

blacklilypad Fri 29-Oct-21 11:21:41

@TakeYourFinalPosition that sucks! Does the week after work for everyone else in the chain? Someone's mortgage was going to expire wasn't it? The news of morgage rates going up may make them more inclined to extend if needed to keep their low rate.

ZimZamZoom Fri 29-Oct-21 11:26:57

Oh no @TweenWrangler , your post is taking me back to 2011, when we bought our first home.
The lady we bought from lived alone, with four black cats. On the day of completion, we were given the keys by the EA and arrived, with a car full of cleaning equipment (we knew from viewing there would be a lot of cleaning to do), to find her wafting around in what was a basically still full house! I am talking food still in the cupboards, beds made, washing up in the sink. She said we could come in. In the kitchen, she dropped and smashed a glass bottle of maple syrup and started pushing the resulting mess around with a dry mop. At that point, I said we would come back in a few hours.
She phoned my husband about 3 hours later to say she had accidentally flooded the utility room whilst trying to disconnect the washing machine. This had been a bone of contention, as she clearly did not want the bother of not taking it with her, so tried to sell it to us on the fixtures and fittings form, for about £350 (it honestly looked like she'd got it from a scrap yard already and was a make I'd never even heard of). We declined, meaning she would have to remove it herself or leave it there free of charge.
At this point, we phoned our Solicitor who advised us that getting them involved could end up costing quite a bit in fees. So in the end, my husband went round with the toolbox and helped her disconnect the machine. He also helped her dismantle two bed frames.

Funnier still, she had sedated all four cats for the journey to her new house, 3 were in their travel cages. But one had escaped and was obviously by now having the snooze of his life under a bush somewhere!
He eventually turned up the next day. We fed him but kept him shut in the utility room. We phoned her to say, the cat is back, please come and collect him. She did....three days later...which happened to be Christmas Eve!! So, we essentially adopted a semi-feral cat for three days. Daren't let him out into the rest of the house because we had cleaned by then and the cats clearly thought any carpet was there to be peed on envy not envy
I still can't quite believe we went out and bought a cat bed and food pouches/bowls for that CF of a woman!!!!
anyway, all that very long post was to say, it's hellish at the time,. but it's definitely something we laugh about now. And it opened our eyes to the levels of CF around the place!

ZimZamZoom Fri 29-Oct-21 11:35:59

@TakeYourFinalPosition I'm sorry to hear that sad it's all-consuming at times, isn't it?
I have asked our Solicitor to check that the application has been expedited, no reply so far.

Paranoidandroidmarvin Fri 29-Oct-21 11:39:45

How long does it take!!! Sat here currently homeless.

TakeYourFinalPosition Fri 29-Oct-21 11:41:19

@blacklilypad It'd be the day that the mortgage expires. We haven't heard anything from the rest of the chain yet; but we're BCC'd, so we have to wait for someone to forward the rest of the emails on to us...

It'd be barely a week before my due date; too.

I've just got no faith that there won't be something else next week that means we're still not ready. I spent yesterday on the labour ward so my husband is getting upset that I'm upset and it might affect baby; but I just don't know how much longer I can keep going.

@ZimZamZoom I hope they reply to you soon. Getting answers from my solicitor on a Friday is like pulling teeth; but I hope yours is better!

Getyourarseofffthequattro Fri 29-Oct-21 11:42:17


How long does it take!!! Sat here currently homeless.

We didn't get our keys until around 4pm last time but our solicitor was spectacularly shit. I wouldn't have thought it will be too much longer flowers

Paranoidandroidmarvin Fri 29-Oct-21 11:46:40

Don’t say that! Our van needs to be back by four

Getyourarseofffthequattro Fri 29-Oct-21 11:47:47


Don’t say that! Our van needs to be back by four

I'm sure your solicitors are better than ours was! He literally booked his frigging holiday for completion day!

Paranoidandroidmarvin Fri 29-Oct-21 11:48:11

I did inform my husband we should have got it for two days. But hey. What do I now

Baguette2021 Fri 29-Oct-21 12:13:04

Advice please!

Two mortgage valuations done of house I'm buying, both £25k under agreed purchase price. Mortgage broker is pushing me to speak to vendors about this but I'm nervous that they'll just pull out and find someone else or a cash buyer. It's a hot market and I could afford the additional money but keen for views on whether I'm being foolish?

shineysides Fri 29-Oct-21 13:14:45

Good luck today @Paranoidandroidmarvin

Getyourarseofffthequattro Fri 29-Oct-21 15:47:46

Are you in @Paranoidandroidmarvin?

We've still had no update angry I'm going to ring the regional manager and complain. The ea literally said oh he's really hard to get hold of angry he's employed by them!

Paranoidandroidmarvin Fri 29-Oct-21 15:59:43

We are in. I’m so tired and the cat is confused. But I love my new kitchen so much.

ZimZamZoom Fri 29-Oct-21 16:17:29

@Paranoidandroidmarvin congratulations! I can't wait to get into our new kitchen too.

@TakeYourFinalPosition I actually received an email from our solicitor just now smile he says the original solicitors have applied for it to be expedited. He expects it will take 3-4 weeks from today. I can live with that.

shineysides Fri 29-Oct-21 16:31:35

Congratulations @Paranoidandroidmarvin

Getyourarseofffthequattro Fri 29-Oct-21 16:33:32

Bad news for us.

Our vendors can't get a mortgage on their onward purchase. They've pulled out of their purchase.


finova Fri 29-Oct-21 16:47:12


Oh no I’m so sorry 😞

ZimZamZoom Fri 29-Oct-21 16:49:33

@Getyourarseofffthequattro I'm sorry, that's absolutely shit. So gutting.

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