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LatteLatteLatte Thu 14-Oct-21 14:25:52

How easy/difficult is it to put up a curtain rail? Handyman is too £££ and Hilary's is like £100+ for curtain and rail installation.

I have minimal DIY skills - literally just flatpacks, painting etc.

It's a small bedroom window, we have a blackout blind already but sunlight comes around the gaps and wakes my little one so want to put up curtains to help.

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BlueMongoose Thu 14-Oct-21 15:06:37

Without knowing how you'd have to fix it, it's difficult to say. Old house with solid stone lintel, tricky. Concrete lintel behind the plaster, also tricky. You'd need a hefty drill, rawlplugs, etc.
But if you have a wooden batten on the wall above the window to screw into, like many modern houses do, it's a lot easier.
What's it like?

LatteLatteLatte Fri 15-Oct-21 19:42:46

Wooden batten, the previous tenant took the curtain rails, but they had a curtain track before. it's a modernish flat, circa 2010 or thereabouts.

I'd only be hoping to pop up a slim metal pole, approx 115cm plus the finial (?) (Star shape bit on the end) with a midweight short drop curtain. (To hit the bottom of the window, any floor-length curtain will get covered in fingerprints in no time)

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Clymene Fri 15-Oct-21 19:44:08

You need a drill and a spirit level. Other than that, no particular skill is required

TiddleTaddleTat Fri 15-Oct-21 19:47:29

Go for it, OP. Borrow a drill, Few YouTube videos later, and you'll have a skill for life!!

LatteLatteLatte Fri 15-Oct-21 19:49:05

Ok great thank you, I am hoping it will be fine, really can't afford hundred + on what appears to be a smallish job.

(I have a temporary travel blackout blind on a tension rod, but it's not really something you want forever as it's a faff and looks a bit of an eyesore!)

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