Swim spa or hot tub?

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Pices Wed 13-Oct-21 19:38:41

We would like a substantial hot tub as we have a big family. Apparently some of the swim spas can be heated up to 40. And also then let to cool down and used for exercise. Anyone have any experience? Or brands to look at? Or should we just go for a hot tub?

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Buttons294749 Wed 13-Oct-21 19:39:56

Swim spa is good for little kids but not really big enough to do a stroke. You could get a floaty though

cloudtree Wed 13-Oct-21 19:40:42

Swim spa but they’re much more expensive than a hot tub

Pices Wed 13-Oct-21 20:36:04

@Buttons294749 Even the big ones?

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Pices Thu 14-Oct-21 10:38:11

Anyone have a swim spa?

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cloudtree Thu 14-Oct-21 15:25:37

We were going to get one last year but other things happened. It was about 5m with a resistance machine for swimming

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