Is this normal? Looking to rent a house but have to wait for all viewings to be over.

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appleturnovers Wed 13-Oct-21 12:32:22

We are looking for a new house to rent. We viewed one this morning, loved it, rang up an hour later and told them.
The estate agent said there are a few more viewings later this week that they have to honour, and if any of them are also interested in the house they will put it to the landlord to choose, so we should find out on Monday if we can proceed.

Is this normal practice? It's been about 7-8 years since the last time I rented a house but I seem to remember the last few times just ringing up straight away and being able to put down a deposit to secure it straight away if I liked the house (and then they take the advert down while you get all your references/proof of earnings together). I also recall a few times where we had a viewing booked and then the estate agent rang the day before, or even the morning before, to say sorry, the people who have just viewed it liked it, it's gone.

Idk, maybe times have changed or maybe I'm remembering things wrong, but I am just starting to feel paranoid that they don't think we'd be the best candidates so are holding out for a better candidate (maybe ones who earn more, or can move in sooner, idk..). Am I being paranoid?

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StillTryingtoBuy Wed 13-Oct-21 14:21:19

Yes we experienced this when we moved to rental. You’ll most likely be asked to make an offer - depending on the rental market in your area and if you can afford it I’d suggest considering offering a little over the going rate, we didn’t realise this was a thing and lost out on several places when we were originally viewing.

We also saw some places where we seemed to have first refusal on it…maybe depends on the landlord or how good the place is, a bit like some houses for sale will go to best and final the week they are marketed and some will go to a much lower offer a couple of months down the line.

Good luck!

maofteens Wed 13-Oct-21 14:33:41

Yep depending where you are rentals are as competitive as buying. Landlords are looking for the best tenants and have their pick.

user1471538283 Wed 13-Oct-21 16:08:32

This didnt happen to me. I saw it, wanted it and put down a holding deposit.

friendlycat Wed 13-Oct-21 17:12:35

It's a really weird market at the moment with insufficient rentals for the amount of people wanting them and this is the new norm at present.

My BIL "won" their rental due to his income and job against the others wanting the same rental.

Landlords can take their pick as to who they would prefer taking the lease of the property. It isn't first come, first served as previously.
If you are in a strong position I would suggest you start writing your letter as to why you should be the preferred renter.

This is just another reason why people are not as prepared to break the chain if they are selling and buying a property as the rental market is also rather manic at the moment.

appleturnovers Thu 14-Oct-21 11:07:30

Oh bloody hell, I had no idea things would be this different from last time! I'm afraid we probably won't be the most attractive tenants in any contest, with both of us being self employed. Oh well, fingers crossed I suppose!

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dubyalass Thu 14-Oct-21 11:45:04

Down here you're up against 60 applicants for each place, it's the landlord's pick. Just awful, I've never known it so bad.


appleturnovers Thu 14-Oct-21 14:20:06


Down here you're up against 60 applicants for each place, it's the landlord's pick. Just awful, I've never known it so bad.

Bloody hell!! May I ask broadly where that is? At least we're only up against 2 other applicants... although OTOH there's only ever 3 or 4 houses available to rent at any one time in the town we want to move to. I'm now starting to wonder if we'll end up having to move in with our parents shock

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Jarstastic Fri 15-Oct-21 11:35:41

I’m not sure. We left a rental in an urban area and they had a few viewings over a week I was in the house for. I got the impression that the earlier ones had offered, but I know the owners went with the last ones. We had previously ‘won’ the rental on the house the year before by offering over.

Our current rural rental we offered asking (knowing it was renting for £150pcm more than it had the year previously) we were desperate to pay deposit agents wouldn’t take till paperwork in place but told us no issue, they had told owners they weren’t going to do more viewings because we were paying asking price and good tenants so no need. This could be partly to do with DH’s salary or I had rented property from them before or it’s probably not the most straightforward house to rent out.

WombatChocolate Fri 15-Oct-21 12:10:38

Ensure you have all paperwork they might want ready, or even consider dropping it to the agent now….reference details, proof of income etc.

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