Does astroturf put you off?

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GingerBeverage Tue 12-Oct-21 10:04:58

If you're looking at family houses, would astroturf (fake grass) put you off viewing/buying?

I'm seeing it a lot in city terraces and semis these days. There seems to be a resurgence from being out of fashion decades ago.

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cloudtree Tue 12-Oct-21 10:05:55

Yes. Its awful stuff, cheap and tacky looking and horrendous for the environment. I judge I'm afraid.

WhoWearsShortShorts Tue 12-Oct-21 10:06:04

Yes it would it would be too much like hard work to rip it all up

DidgeDoolittle Tue 12-Oct-21 10:06:29

Yes, awful stuff.

JuneFromBethesda Tue 12-Oct-21 10:06:59

It would definitely put me off.

Bluntness100 Tue 12-Oct-21 10:07:40

Yes of course, but I’d still view and factor in ripping it up ans laying a lawn.

HelpMeWithMyHip Tue 12-Oct-21 10:07:43

It was a selling point for the house we purchased. I love ours


JumperandJacket Tue 12-Oct-21 10:07:47

Yes, although I’d just factor the cost of removal into my budget. It wouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

MedusasBadHairDay Tue 12-Oct-21 10:08:21

Yep, would have to factor in removing it, disposing of it, and sorting out actual grass to replace it.

Camandmitch Tue 12-Oct-21 10:08:57

In general yes but I can understand why people may want it in a very small garden especially north facing ones.

Reallyimeanreally2022 Tue 12-Oct-21 10:09:01

Yes yes yes it does put me off

RitaFires Tue 12-Oct-21 10:09:10

It wouldn't be an absolute deal breaker if I liked the house otherwise but it would be a definite addition to the cons list. I would also be worried about the state of the ground underneath, it could be used to hide something else off-putting.

LastStarfighter Tue 12-Oct-21 10:09:42

It would put me off. It might not prevent me from buying, but I would consciously have to try to see past it, like hideous decoration or a dilapidated kitchen.

bettyfloormop Tue 12-Oct-21 10:10:10

Yes it would totally put me off.

IamMaz Tue 12-Oct-21 10:11:50

No. I think it's fine.
It can look much better than a really bad lawn.

CeceJoyce Tue 12-Oct-21 10:12:12

We actually had to replace our grass with astroturf as our dog absolutely ruined the garden. (Running around, digging, pee marks. We did however pay for one of the most expensive ones so it does look very real. The cheap ones don’t look great. It wouldn’t put me off buying a home because you could replace it.
We wouldn’t have done ours if it wasn’t for the dog but on the plus side she doesn’t bring any mud in, if it rains in the summer it then dries really quickly.
It’s not great for the environment but my garden is filed with trees all around and lots of bushes, plants and flowers, we get lots of wildlife still.

FallonBeesley Tue 12-Oct-21 10:12:19

It would put me off. How can we ban plastic straws then carpet our gardens with it confused truly awful and I massively judge people that lay it.

SoupDragon Tue 12-Oct-21 10:13:24

Yes. I don't want a garden covered in plastic. At the very least I would have to factor in the cost of replacing it with real grass when making an offer.

JustFrustrated Tue 12-Oct-21 10:13:37

Yes , I'd factor it in via the cons list.

StormyTeacups Tue 12-Oct-21 10:14:20

Hate it.

Rummikubfan Tue 12-Oct-21 10:14:37

It’s a pro for me

Stickyblue1987 Tue 12-Oct-21 10:16:01

I hate it, but it wouldn't put me off viewing or buying a house. I would want to rip it out though and wouldn't see it as a positive feature.

SuperCaliFragalistic Tue 12-Oct-21 10:16:07

Yes, it would definitely put me off.

edgeware Tue 12-Oct-21 10:17:48

It usually would put me off. I saw a house where they had astroturf an ENORMOUS lawn. What it must have cost!!!! And then to have to rip it up! Ugh

Branleuse Tue 12-Oct-21 10:17:52

id certainly see it as a negative and would want it removed.

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