Extension thread 2021 - countdown to Christmas

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Callmejudith Mon 04-Oct-21 09:52:24

New thread for continued celebrating, moaning and commiserating

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Callmejudith Mon 04-Oct-21 14:18:49

I'm back pondering whether to tile the barstool side of the breakfast bar. I forgot about it when we were going to do a tiled splashback but now we're just having a stainless steel one ink{https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/241294492526751828/\www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/241294492526751828]]/}

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Notyetthere Mon 04-Oct-21 16:32:42

Checking into the new thread.

NoTeaForMe Mon 04-Oct-21 16:54:05

We have a sample here of engineered wood for our kitchen/diner/snug. The builder has looked at it and said it will get scratched and stained as it’s not particularly lacquered. I’ve just dropped tomato purée, black currant and cooking oil on it left for 2 mins and wiped up. They’ve come up fine. Having a total wobble now though. We’d like wooden floor in that room should we have it more lacquered? Will we regret it? I really don’t like laminate, feels really plastic and cheap to me. No judgement just personal opinion. Any advice?

StrongArm Mon 04-Oct-21 18:51:41

Hello checking in

Electrics final check today so at least we have a house with plugs/lights that work

Topsoil is down in back garden but I'm still worried about the drainage. I think the water is pooling towards the patio (which will only be redone once the house is done). It's ok after 24 hours but I'm not convinced a few days wouldn't result in some sort of flood. House is still stepped up from patio and again from garden but still. There is an awful lot of building work to be done!

Awaiting plans from architect this week

Good luck with all the deliveries due this week!

StrongArm Mon 04-Oct-21 18:55:25

@NoTeaForMe what does the builder think you should use? We used karndean the hard wearing one in the last house and were really happy with it

PoshWatchShitShoes Mon 04-Oct-21 18:59:46

Evening all - I'm having a big wobble today. My house looks like a total disaster zone. Everywhere is a mess, there are holes and cables and pipes everywhere. The dust is unbelievable.

I hate having building work done. I go to site most days, but it's upsetting to see my home looking disastrous. Very grateful that we're not living there at the moment.

The architect ballsed up an important measurement and had the cheek to say to me today that the plans we paid £15k for "aren't construction drawings" 😡

On the plus side, my builder is doing a good job. I just feel miserable though.

Sorry for the first world problems and pity party over here 🤦🏼‍♀️


PoshWatchShitShoes Mon 04-Oct-21 19:02:25

Tiling the backside of island sounds fun @Callmejudith

I couldn't see what was on your link.

We've got cupboards where our knees will go. Just 30cm deep, but maybe good for cook books or party glasses not in every day use.

Terracedtardis Mon 04-Oct-21 20:06:06

@NoTeaForMe I feel the same but every single person I spoke to had a negative opinion of wood floor in a kitchen. Then I realised because we have pets and young children they were probably right. We’ve ordered firm fit which is a rigid core LVT. It’s less plastic looking than most but not perfect.

I’ve noticed today that there are big cracks radiating from the windows in the rooms directly above where the acrow props were 😭

MissFritton65 Mon 04-Oct-21 21:09:46

@PoshWatchShitShoes we are also having cupboards where our knees will be on our island but we are having a wide long island so 3m x 1.50m.

MissFritton65 Mon 04-Oct-21 21:11:49

Our builders knocked through upstairs today; the dust is unbelievable! Goodness knows how bad it will be when we get back from our holiday next Tuesday - we haven't gone yet and I'm already worrying!

PoshWatchShitShoes Mon 04-Oct-21 21:40:21

@MissFritton65 try not to worry. Hopefully you have a great holiday 😊

I'm past my initial freak out this afternoon and trying to choose wallpaper instead now 😂 Focussing on the pretty things and pretending the dust/holes/mess doesn't exist!!

MissFritton65 Mon 04-Oct-21 21:48:23

@PoshWatchShitShoes thank you so much!
I'm hopefully coming back to a total transformation grin

NewHouseNewMe Mon 04-Oct-21 23:20:05

Found you all!

@PoshWatchShitShoes Try not to panic and go into Pollyanna mode: "at least we aren't living here", "at least I don't have to see the architect again very soon" grin. All this will pass.

sluj Tue 05-Oct-21 12:28:40

We are moving on swiftly now, the exterior was rendered last week and I am about to start the mist coat all over the new plaster. It's bound to be messy... Electrian is coming next week for the second fix and the builder has just got bits to do plus the new patio.
Most exciting of all is my appointment at DIY kitchens on Thursday to choose the kitchen. It means an overnight stay so I really hope they won't restrict me to an hour. Anyone been recently?

VeryLittleOwl Tue 05-Oct-21 12:48:53

Should get the quote for our extension this week. Any tips for managing DH's disappointment if it comes back totally unaffordable? He's got his heart absolutely set on it, it's about the only thing keeping him going to work right now!

Badgerooney Tue 05-Oct-21 13:01:50

We went in August and were there for hours, they were really helpful and they provide snacks! Enjoy

sluj Tue 05-Oct-21 13:07:00

@Badgerooney, thanks for that. We did go a couple of years ago before we got stuck in to the extension and we were there for the whole afternoon. This time I need to make actual choices so I'm glad we won't get chucked out after an hour. Are there staff there to help or do they leave you to it?

MissFritton65 Tue 05-Oct-21 13:11:16

@VeryLittleOwl unfortunately most quotes are coming in over at the moment so I don't have any advice other than if you set on having the extension look seriously at where you can make savings! My husband is superb at finding "bargains". Our architect told us £150k would be a comfortable budget to second fix. Our cheapest quote was £220k and we have already gone over that before the kitchen and bathrooms. Yesterday my husband found the exact same free standing tap and oak vanity unit on Ebay for less than half he'd originally sourced them for; they were brand new still in the boxes - but saved us £1k on 2 items! You do need time and the patience to do it.

Indecisivelurcher Tue 05-Oct-21 13:12:51

Oh just found this thread so getting my builders brew ready brew

Work here started at the end of Aug, replaced conservatory with extension and knocked through 3 walls to open into kitchen. Having a very weeny w.c. and utility space built in. Bifolds, lantern roof and wildflower roof. Hoping they finish the end of this month.

Second day of no builders turning up here, so feeling fed up. But at least I'm not cleaning dust up...

MissFritton65 Tue 05-Oct-21 13:16:12

@sluj we went in April and were restricted to an hour and were left to our own devices however things have changed a lot since then so I can't imagine they won't be accommodating.

VeryLittleOwl Tue 05-Oct-21 13:19:36

@MissFritton65 - thank you. We live right at the top of the country, on the north coast of Scotland, so unfortunately eBay shopping isn't really practical as the delivery costs up here are exhorbitant (if you can find someone to delivery something that's not Royal Mail-sized in the first place!) We can split the work into three if we really have to - (1) strip out our existing house, rewire, insulate, install central heating (FINALLY! 13 years I've lived here without any!), knock living room and downstairs bathroom together to make big kitchen, (2) build extension, living room downstairs, bedroom with en suite upstairs, (3) build very large garage - but he's going to be really down if he doesn't get his man cave at the same time as the rest and if we can only afford part 1 to start with then he's going to be working off the kitchen table as his office will become our living room.

Indecisivelurcher Tue 05-Oct-21 13:20:19

We're going for karndean floor same as our living room. For flooring lady coming tomorrow to show the fitter what he's in for, and kitchen company coming too, we are hoping to mostly reuse what we've got as we only put it in 5yrs ago.

Photos of current sitch.

MissFritton65 Tue 05-Oct-21 13:24:00

@VeryLittleOwl ....shiply website is your friend. The vanity unit we bought is on the south coast and we are Greater Manchester. You put the details of the item and destination etc and people doing the route bid to bring it to you! It's amazing service especially if you aren't in a rush.

VeryLittleOwl Tue 05-Oct-21 13:28:52


*@VeryLittleOwl* ....shiply website is your friend. The vanity unit we bought is on the south coast and we are Greater Manchester. You put the details of the item and destination etc and people doing the route bid to bring it to you! It's amazing service especially if you aren't in a rush.

Thank you smile

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