Buyers Sellers Roll Call 16

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Househunting21 Mon 19-Jul-21 09:43:22

Because the last thread is nearly full and I for one very much appreciate the space to vent grin

Good luck to everyone hoping to exchange and/or complete this week!

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umbel Mon 19-Jul-21 09:57:16

Well, I’m going to hop back on to this fresh new thread after a long and unfruitful absence.

We sold in Feb, found an inward purchase in March, but our vendors withdrew in May, and then the market went bonkers and we have not been able to find anything, despite best efforts.

Well, we viewed a property at the weekend that we liked a lot. We’ve put in an offer, but so have at least 8 other buyers. Waiting for a call this morning to see whether vendor has opted to accept one of the offers on the table or whether they are goi g to best and final. What a horrible process! It’s a house that needs considerable work, but could be amazing. I’m worried we’ll get carried away and offer too much!

Cruddles Mon 19-Jul-21 10:00:41

@umbel if you go in on a best and final offer choose an odd amount. We had this on the house we just bought, we both offered £x60,000 so we're asked to do best and final, they rounded up to £x65,000 which we expected, so we offered £x66,000 and got it because of the extra £1k

Andthenanothercupoftea Mon 19-Jul-21 10:38:52

Feeling ready to post in this thread again after my last sale fell through (twice to the same buyer!)

Our purchase is all tied up - searches, survey, mortgage, enquiries all ready to go! Awaiting draft contracts and final report (apparently it's in "dictation" at the moment...)

Our sale is catching up - searches should be back soon, we had the draft contracts through which we've signed and returned. I guess at least a week for them to get to our buyer to sign and return. Oh and for those of you who have had sales fallen through...there is hope we ended up with a 6% higher offer from FTB with no chain.

I think we'll still be moving post baby (due mid August) but we might need to ask our HV to come to our new house for the 2 week visit.

umbel Mon 19-Jul-21 10:39:34

@Cruddles good advice, thank you. Houses seem to still be selling fast here. I’m really unsure how much more to offer, if we get the chance. It was on at ‘offers over’ and we already offered 16% over and we’re not even the highest offer at this stage. It’s a fairly unique house, so difficult to compare previous sold prices, even before having to consider the way the market is. People keep saying ‘offer what it’s worth to you’ but what does that even mean? No-one wants to pay over the odds, surely!

Keepemguessing Mon 19-Jul-21 10:44:53

Thanks for starting the new thread.

I had a viewing on Saturday and have yet to receive feedback.

Getyourarseofffthequattro Mon 19-Jul-21 10:57:00

Can I join?

We've accepted an offer on ours from a FTB, and had an offer accepted. Our seller is currently looking for something. Said we were happy to wait as long as our buyer was.

As far as I know the draft contract for our sale has been sent to the buyers solicitor already but haven't heard anything since. I don't know what happens next really. Suppose we are waiting for our seller.


Newhousehope Mon 19-Jul-21 10:57:30

Was thinking the same about new thread, thanks for creating @Househunting21

Didn’t exchange Friday, hoping for today 🤞🏼Trying to complete next Tuesday.

Hoping for the temperature to drop miraculously 10 degrees so I can muster some energy to pack 🥵🥵

Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Mon 19-Jul-21 11:26:51

Thanks for the new thread. Still hoping to move by the end of the summer holidays. So glad not to be moving this week though as I can't achieve anything in this heat!

StrongArm Mon 19-Jul-21 12:58:43

we've finally finally got the queries back from the buyer this morning

most of them are fine but I can't for the life of me find the completion certificate for the 2010 extension we did - I suspect it wasn't electronic otherwise I would have found it - and it came by post and has got lost over many years of chucking stuff away! I am really hoping it is not going to cause an issue

also back to useless EA, we have been aiming for completion end of July - have lined up the house we are buying for that date and on the queries, the buyer's solicitor has confirmed they are only interested in completing mid/end August. I knew the EA was not on top of this despite us telling them end of July since May! Argh

StrongArm Mon 19-Jul-21 13:00:40

also would agree with @cruddles. Our house was sold to someone who over bid by £1k on an odd amount @umbel

drinkwithanumbrellainit Mon 19-Jul-21 13:12:15

I'm in! Currently on our second attempt for both buyer and seller. Having the rage today as when we did our mortgage application we opted to include a full building as well as the valuation. Was told it was booked in 2 weeks ago. Been wondering where the report had gotten to, and found out today they didn't do it. So frantically ringing around trying to get one booked in, but everywhere giving a 2 week lead. Meant to be moving end of Aug. Hate being the one holding people up. The bank have been rubbish - took over a week to process the application/ survey and then did the wrong one sad.

Having had it all go spectacularly wrong once, not confident it will all go through this time either. We already accepted an offer at £35k less than asking as we needed to move fast, but not convinced our buyers won't try and get more, and we can't go any lower. Horrible to think of the money wasted if it goes wrong a second time - think we'll give up if that happens.

Kate88kate Mon 19-Jul-21 13:31:35

I’m in as of today!
Have just had an offer accepted on a bigger house for us. Am yet to put mine on market but seller not seen anything yet so happy with a bit of time. Housing selling like hot cakes here and ours likely to be snapped up.
Valuation around 325 but he said could put on guide 325-350 and see what happens. 350 much too much I think but I guess opens up the table to a potential 235.

peepopeepopeepo Mon 19-Jul-21 13:32:22

We really ought to be exchanging this week but I'm not holding out hope. Buyers solicitors submitted what should have been (but almost certainly won't be) last two queries on Wednesday. Solicitor immediately responded. Now waiting to hear back. They get married at the end of July and are then on holiday for 2 weeks. I've said from the start we need a month between exchange and completion to sort out a rental property but they are teachers so also want to move before September. It's a bloody nightmare and the hold ups are entirely on their side!

labourlost Mon 19-Jul-21 15:04:10

Thanks for the new thread. We were hoping to exchange Friday, now hoping for sometime this week. I'm so tired of this process & just want to move now.

Livingintheclouds Mon 19-Jul-21 15:28:26

@StrongArm the council should be able to provide a copy of the completion certificate, even if you got a paper one.
Can’t remember where I was last time I posted but I’m sure that means no one else can either!
I’m moving 70 miles to London for daughter new sixth form.
Accepted offer in February, found house number one couple weeks later. Was assured seller would go into rental, a lie, after waiting almost three months I pulled out. Found house number two, advertised as chain free, not as good a location but bigger. I book two week holiday let as I complete on my sale. On track to make stamp duty deadline when seller goes mysteriously quiet. Sure enough after three weeks and another week booked for holiday let told seller is pulling out due to ill health. Up to London to find another chain free house, we do, previously sold but buyers pulled out as they are moving from abroad and unsure if still happening and also Japanese knotweed. Seller promptly gets experts in and starts four year treatment plan with ten year guarantee and insurance. It’s just two stalks, jk is fairly common where I grew up and is not the demon weed as portrayed, so I low ball offer and accepted! Sellers have themselves been living abroad some years.
Now I’m expecting to exchange and complete any day. I’ve paid £5000 in temporary housing, £5000 in loss fees and expenses on the two aborted purchases, and £12,500 for lost stamp duty savings. But house is cheapest and best condition.
My solicitor was off Friday and today so hope for news tomorrow!

Itscoldouthere Mon 19-Jul-21 15:54:25

I’ve just found out we are going to have to pay an extra £14,550 in stamp duty as we are currently living abroad 😩 new rule sneaked in to last budget in April. I will be living in UK once we get the house and DH is trying to come back as well, due to Covid I’ve only been out of UK for 6 months, so it feels a bit harsh, but it looks like we will still have to pay it so 45k in stamp duty!

MaudBaileysGreenTurban Mon 19-Jul-21 16:14:53

We've exchanged!!!!

So relieved. Packers coming Thursday, complete Friday. It is actually happening!

JLQ1020 Mon 19-Jul-21 16:17:59

Can I join?
FTB applying through broker with Natwest accepted subject to valuation which is being done tomorrow. Worried as the last house we offer accepted on was down valued ( unreasonably in our opinion)
House is empty as was being rented and tenants moved out after our offer was accepted.

Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Mon 19-Jul-21 16:26:34

Congrats Maud!

Newhousehope Mon 19-Jul-21 16:27:45

Well done @MaudBaileysGreenTurban!
We are the same @labourlost - waiting for our buyers funds. Still 🙄
What is the latest time of day exchange can happen? Is Monday gone 🙈

StrongArm Mon 19-Jul-21 16:41:23

@Livingintheclouds how exciting that you are nearly there! I remember you! Tbh as the loft is over 10 years, it shouldn't be an issue and if I have to ask the council, will probably be another month. Will see if we can get away without it. (Everyone else has done it so it's not an unusual build and it does comply - may have to get indemnity but will see what the buyer thinks).

@Itscoldouthere what a nightmare sad. Also just to warn you if you have to pay capital gains, you have to do so in 30 days (not sure if that's different if you're abroad though!).

Itscoldouthere Mon 19-Jul-21 16:46:12

No capital gains thankfully, we sold our primary house last August and this is a replacement primary house, we are only temporarily living/working out of UK on visas not intending to apply for citizenship or anything where we are, only intend to do it for another year or so, but we are finding lots of hidden costs.

Househunting21 Mon 19-Jul-21 20:41:54

Congrats MaudBaileysGreenTurban!

@newhousehope, @keepemguessing, @umbel, any news on the exchange, viewing and offer respectively? Keeping everything crossed for you all.

@Getyourarseofffthequattro, have you requested searches yet? They can be a long time coming back so might as well get them in now, so you're prepped as and when your seller is ready to go.

Everyone else, good luck - it sounds like we might have quite a few graduations soon! We heard today that searches are back on the top of the chain, survey was good and mortgage is sorted. Only queries to go, so we're daring to hope it might be August . . .

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Newhousehope Mon 19-Jul-21 21:14:31

No @Househunting21…. So we go for tomorrow!

I’m just hoping for a change in temperature as I’m in the south west where they’ve issued an amber alert for heat until Thursday I think. It’s sweaty. And packing is the last thing on my mind!!!

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