Vacant flat for two months

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makingababy Tue 15-Jun-21 22:04:52

Hi all. My flat is going to be vacant for two months and I’m thinking about what needs to be done.

Obviously clean and turn off fridge, rehome houseplants.

We’re leaving spare keys with a neighbour and also my in laws who live nearby (they could help sort out any bigger issues if they arise).

Should I also be turning off the electricity, gas or water? Or just making sure all of the switches are off at the wall?

I’ll turn off any Amazon subscriptions etc. Will ask neighbour to move any post if it’s gathering to the point that’s it’s noticeable.

Is there anything else I should be thinking about?


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TakeYourFinalPosition Tue 15-Jun-21 22:06:50

Have you checked with your insurance? Some have a clause about it needing to be checked every 28 days.

Is it soon? It won’t matter too much if it is, but if not, you might want to set the heating to come on low occasionally to avoid frozen pipes.

Only turn the freezer off if it’s empty! I made that mistake when I went on holiday once.

makingababy Tue 15-Jun-21 23:37:28

Good point, we can ask my FIL to pop in every few weeks.

And yes, the freezer will be emptied. Nightmare! 😂

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VeniVidiWeeWee Tue 15-Jun-21 23:50:43

It's possible it won't be insured unless occupied. A fil visit may not count. You need to check with your insurer.

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