New owners are complaining

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WhatshouldIsuggestcanbedone Tue 15-Jun-21 18:41:13

Ok I had the buyers from hell. They offered 40K under and then stalled and stalled and stalled for nearly 6 months and prices rocketed. Throughout this time I said I wouldn't have other viewing. They criticised everything -and I paid over £3K to right things that they complained about -including paying for a new hall carpet and then found out they are ripping up the brand new carpet. I had to cancel the removal firm twice and was lucky to get a slot before completing. They only completed when I said I was putting it back on the market. I was living the other end of the country.
I returned back for the removals to pack -but they didn't do a fab job. I needed to do 6 loads of the garage to the tip for example. I paid for someone to clean the house. Some bits of furntiture went on local free sites -but I was told they had been collected -but actually two bookcases -haven't been. They are saying the log pile wasn't removed -that is fixed and I never said I was taking it. I had a load of car tyres -that I used as potato planters- they said they haven't gone and another passageway -I didn't realise had some garden furniture and plant pots down there. The new buyers are creating merry hell.

What if anything can I do?

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LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow Tue 15-Jun-21 18:43:38

Point out their own faults, do some serious stalling, and then tell them to fuck off.

or block and move on, if you are more of a grown up than I am.

WhatshouldIsuggestcanbedone Tue 15-Jun-21 18:46:00

Local council will collect three bulky items for about £20 so I can offer that for the bookcases

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HasaDigaEebowai Tue 15-Jun-21 18:46:41

Legally you are obliged to leave it empty. So you need to pay for the stuff to be removed.

purplesequins Tue 15-Jun-21 18:47:56

block them.
houses are sold as seen.

WhatshouldIsuggestcanbedone Tue 15-Jun-21 18:48:14

The house is empty. This is side passageway.

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YelloYelloYello Tue 15-Jun-21 18:50:10

All their previous complaints and awful behaviour aside, it is pretty shit that you left a load of stuff behind.

If there was stuff that you weren’t even on planning moving then you had plenty of time to donate/dump/sell it as the buyers stalled so much.

Legally you need to sort it.


HasaDigaEebowai Tue 15-Jun-21 18:50:41

A side passageway that it’s still part of the property

UhtredRagnarson Tue 15-Jun-21 18:51:57

Sorry but it sounds like you’ve dropped the ball and didn’t make sure everything was cleared before they took possession. That’s on you.

WhatshouldIsuggestcanbedone Tue 15-Jun-21 18:52:15

Being hundreds of miles of away didn't help. I had to cancel the removals 2 times and have ended up having to put it in storage at a cost of £2K and move it twice -as they were buggering around with the dates and didn't confirm until the day before.

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Librariesmakeshhhhappen Tue 15-Jun-21 18:52:46


block them.
houses are sold as seen.

What are you on about? You cant leave stuff behind, unless it's been agreed.

If you leave stuff behind, you will get a bill for the removal of those things. Best to do it yourself so the buyers dont find the most expensive way to do it.

SoupDragon Tue 15-Jun-21 18:54:42

Unfortunately this is your problem as you are meant to remove all you stuff (as others have said). It doesn't matter how much of a nightmare the buyers were.

You need to get the stuff cleared.

Neighneigh Tue 15-Jun-21 18:57:09

Oh god this reminds me of the time our removal men left a knackered tire at our old place....wankers. Fortunately we had lovely ex-neighbours who sorted it out for us. Is there anyone you can send a case of wine to and ask?

Otherwise, ignore them, tbh.

YelloYelloYello Tue 15-Jun-21 18:58:45


Local council will collect three bulky items for about £20 so I can offer that for the bookcases

Are the bookcases out on the kerb already or are the new buyers going to have to sort this out?

Being so far away sounds stressful. Do you have anyone nearby who can help sort out the final bits?

Idontgiveagriffindamn Tue 15-Jun-21 19:06:42

Yeah this is on you. I wouldn’t be happy if there were items left in the house that I’d not agreed to. The outside stuff would probably annoy me more than the bookcases.
Legally they can remove and pass on the bill to you.
The other stuff is really irrelevant to all of this. Yes it’s frustrating but you also need to own it - you allowed them to mess you around and you listened to their complaints and then paid to resolve. You could have pulled out and then marketed it with the house price increase.
Given that they were challenging in the purchase I would have made sure everything was good with the move.

Ozanj Tue 15-Jun-21 19:11:59

Just block them. The cost of legal fees will be way more than paying for someone to remove them.

Orf1abc Tue 15-Jun-21 19:16:24

Don't ignore this. The buyer could instruct someone to remove the items and pursue you through small claims.

In what way is the log pile a fixed structure? Is it for insects or for a burner, what is its purpose?

callmemaybee Tue 15-Jun-21 19:18:07

To be honest Op, I can’t help but feel that you contributed to this by allowing them to run amok for so long

I would have noped out of the situation the first time they started to be awkward as it sets the tone for further problems to arise

TheRebelle Tue 15-Jun-21 19:27:25

Our sellers left loads of furniture in the house, they said if we got the council to dispose of it they’d refund us, I sent them the bill, never heard from them again. I suppose I could take them to small claims court but really I can’t be bothered for £140.

Soontobe60 Tue 15-Jun-21 19:28:01

To start with, you didn’t have to accept their low offer, nor did you have to agree to take it off the market. You didn’t have to pay anything extra to do repairs or have a new carpet fitted. They were all your choices.

The removals firm not doing a good job wasn’t the buyers fault. You didn’t have to agree to the dates if it wasn’t suitable for you.

Log piles are not fixed by any stretch of the imagination. Did you list it as being left? Same goes for the tyres - hideous things that they are. You left them you’re responsible for moving the logs, tyres, garden furniture and other random stuff you left behind because you couldn’t be bothered to move them.

I’m afraid you give sellers a bad name. Get back down there with a van and sort it out.

Sparklfairy Tue 15-Jun-21 19:28:52


To be honest Op, I can’t help but feel that you contributed to this by allowing them to run amok for so long

I would have noped out of the situation the first time they started to be awkward as it sets the tone for further problems to arise

This. You've inadvertently played right into their hands but unfortunately you need to sort out getting rid of it.

DobbyTheHouseElk Tue 15-Jun-21 19:33:24

Most people would be grateful for a log pile around here. Is there an open fire?

surreygirl1987 Tue 15-Jun-21 19:39:32

What exactly have they done wrong? It can't be so bad to offer £40k under one property, and you did accept it! I don't get why you're complaining about them when from the sounds of it, it should be the other way round as you've left a bunch of stuff on their property?

WhatshouldIsuggestcanbedone Tue 15-Jun-21 19:46:54

There is a fire and the log pile is a proper structure -roof on it -and it is drilled into the space behind the garage -so in my mind fixture and fitting. I promised to take garden ornaments but nothing else.

I don't need a hard time. I can't hire a van and go back -we are now 100s of miles away. I suppose I could see how much a skip is.

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Yoshinori Tue 15-Jun-21 19:56:27

You’re in the wrong.

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