Incompetent builders - now what?

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ALotOfLemons Mon 14-Jun-21 21:05:35

We have paid the builder some money but not the full amount but we are no longer able to get a hold of them. Had a quantity surveyor go over it and we're not thousands out of pocket - pretty much pennies. So going to chalk this up to a nasty life lesson and move on.
Finding the whole industry a minefield. Sent out some emails to building companies last week and had one come back to me who asked for all the quotes we've had to see how other people have priced things up (didn't tell them we'd had a quantity surveyor in or had asked anyone else). Is this normal??

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Fightingfirewithfire Mon 14-Jun-21 19:50:32

The roof part sounds common if your only part way through the build, it's usually plastic sheeting and wood till the tiles are put on.

The bringing up to building control standards is more concerning, although you don't want an unfinished roof for months.

Have you paid the builder yet?

Hannahcolobus Sun 13-Jun-21 23:13:22

So are they still working on the build?

Depending on how friendly you are with your building inspectors, they may be able to point you in the direction of decent people who can do remedial work.

Sadly though it will cost- I’m a gas engineer and undoing someone’s work always creates more hassle and more uncertainty and it has to be priced accordingly. If your current builders promised you things and then haven’t done it (and they’re still around) are there no negotiations about who should be responsible for it being rectified?

ALotOfLemons Sun 13-Jun-21 22:48:51

We employed a builder to do our loft conversion based on online reviews (63 odd that were positive) and checking their references. We don't know anyone locally who had their loft done so couldn't get a recommendation. Nothing looked suspicious on companies house and they were fully booked with work for 6 months so we had to wait to start which sounded like a good thing.

Halfway through the project we find out by chance they haven't done the things they said they would including getting structural engineer calculations done. They brought someone over at the start of the project who they told me was a structural engineer but this turned out to be a lie.

We have since had the structural calculations done and we have been told there is some remedial work to be done to bring it up to building regs. We also need to make our new section of roof watertight - it is currently just wood and plastic sheeting.

The problem we're having is finding someone to help us. Nearly everyone we speak to either won't take on a bodge job of someone else or are fully booked for the rest of the year. We had one company come back to us who were available immediately but wanted nearly 50% more than the quantity surveyor said was the value of the work to be done.

I feel so helpless, anyone got any advice / been in a similar situation? Also anyone lived without roof tiles over the winter and was it awful or ok?

All virtual hugs and hand holds welcome!

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