Hole in the wall gas fire height. Advice please.

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2389Champ Sun 13-Jun-21 15:47:52

I currently have a very 80s Georgian/marble fireplace with a fake coal fire.
I’d set my heart on a gas wood burning stove but having had a survey by the fitter, the inset into the outside chimney breast isn’t deep enough.
He suggested a hole in the wall gas fire as a radical update - which I love the sound of. Very Scandi and minimulist.
My question is; many sites online say aesthetically ideally it should be positioned 1 - 1.5 metres off the ground - for safety, a minimum of 30cm.
1 metre seems very high, do you think that’s from the top or the bottom of the new fire? I’m struggling to visualise the best height for me so have taped the new dimensions in position on the old fire to get an idea. Do you think I’ve got it roughly right? There’s a pic of the fire I’m considering too.
Many thanks!

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Livingintheclouds Sun 13-Jun-21 17:05:30

I do think those raised fires look odd. You are the one looking at it so go with what you think looks good, which for me would be 6" off the ground (and I like a hearth).

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