If using DIY kitchens where did you get your worktop?

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VorpalSword Sun 13-Jun-21 14:59:30

I read on hear that quite a few of you got your worktop from somewhere else rather than DIY kitchens.

Can you tell me why and where did you get them from?

It isn’t actually for a kitchen but a craft room that I will have to share with my husband. So a tall cupboard for storage, run of units with a gap for a stool for him, then drop down to reduced depth for a couple of units with a gap in between for my sewing.

Everyone loves a plan so here are some. I can’t get the worktop to go across the gaps and I know tall storage is behind thee doors but it won’t be used often so the door can be shut when needed.

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Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Sun 13-Jun-21 15:02:48

We got our granite worktop from DIY... it was significantly cheaper than any other firm we could find. But we definitely seem to be the exception.

Lottle Sun 13-Jun-21 15:52:46

If you're wanting laminate, Formica will send samples to your home then you can find the cheapest supplier through a quick google or looking at their stockists. No clue on other materials though. smile

isseys4xmastinselcats Sun 13-Jun-21 16:13:44

we got our laminate worktop from DIY along with our kitchen reasonabley priced at £142.00 for 3 meter lengths and very happy with the quality of it

nutellamagnet Sun 13-Jun-21 16:38:08

I had been recommended a supplier locally and was happy to use them. They measured, supplied and fitted a quartz worktop at 75% the quote I got from Howdens. I don't know how it would compare with DIY Kitchens as they didn't have a similar one to consider.

shinynewwname Sun 13-Jun-21 16:59:28

What material? If just a cheap laminate you may as well go for wickes or b&q.
If quartz then DIY are reasonably priced and the same as what you'd get elsewhere.

tryingtocatchthewind Sun 13-Jun-21 17:12:00

I got my laminate worktop from DIY as they use Duropol which is a good brand

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