Please help me choose between these two sofas

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bonfireheart Sun 13-Jun-21 12:46:08

These are the two we have narrowed our choices to...

It's for a through lounge that goes into dining room. Walls are currently cream, open to getting changed. Carpet is cream coffee colour and doors are oak.

The dining room will have this dining table with four chairs to be decided but probably try to match the sofas.

The lounge will have this sideboard with TV on top:

Which of the sofas do you prefer please and what colour would you go with? Am hard at visualising. Thank you.

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Mydogisagentleman Sun 13-Jun-21 14:13:01

Prefer the DFS sofa

Bluntness100 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:14:43

Prefer thr sofology sofa.

SpnBaby1967 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:16:22

I like the sofology one, the dfs one doesnt look like a sofa I'd curl up in to watch tv, maybe snooze of a sunday afternoon.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Sun 13-Jun-21 14:18:18

I am voting for the DFS sofa

Thought the legs on the first looked like they snap off if you sat on it

Bimblybomeyelash Sun 13-Jun-21 14:20:12

I prefer the dfs sofa , but it looks like it has quite a low back so I’m not sure how
Comfortable it would be.

thelegohooverer Sun 13-Jun-21 14:26:38

If you’re unsure how to pull it all together, the dfs sofa might be easier to work with. But I think the sofology one could be stunning if you can pull the colours together. I’m imagining walls somewhere between mink and pink. I think they need a dusky kind of colour rather than something too simple and neutral like the cream.

Would you consider wallpaper? I think the clean lines of the furniture could handle a pattern.

Have you seen chairs that match the sofas? I only ask because I’ve had decor disasters that have hinged on finding something that doesn’t actually exist so I’d recommend finding all the items of furniture first before looking at walls or colours.

I know it sounds like a primary school project but it can be helpful to cut out the pictures and move them around on a page together to help “see” if you’re not a natural at visualising.


SilentBob Sun 13-Jun-21 14:26:46

We have very similar taste OP!

I like the sofology one- it looks more comfortable!

EuroTrashed Sun 13-Jun-21 14:30:31

The DFs one hands down.

kidneynewname Sun 13-Jun-21 14:31:05

DFS sofa is more stylish IMO but I've had a similar sofa and they are a bloody nightmare to sit in for anything more than 30 mins.

Sofalogy one looks way more comfy

LivingLaVidaCovid Sun 13-Jun-21 14:33:11


The low back on the DFS one is NOT comfy and will drive you insane like my expensive low backed piece of crap sofa does

girlsallowed21 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:33:39

DFS Sofa 🛋

Eyesofdisarray Sun 13-Jun-21 14:35:08

Sofology one makes me want to sit on it 😁

LimitIsUp Sun 13-Jun-21 14:53:02

Not keen on the Dfs one - it's a bit dull

JaninaDuszejko Sun 13-Jun-21 15:16:55

The DFS one is a much more attractive shape although cheaper so maybe not as well made. I'd be careful about having chairs match the sofa, it all sounds quite matchy matchy and new at the moment, what old pieces of furniture are you putting in this room? And what is your 'disruptor' piece?

With black dining room furniture then of the dfs colour options I'd go for the navy velvet sofa or possibly pink depending on your wall colour choices. Can't see what the colour options are for the sofology one, if there's a green that might look good with black furniture. Your walls will need to be light with all dark furniture but if you wanted to go dark and dramatic then a light pink sofa would provide contrast. Or would you decorate the two halves of the room differently? Dark dining room and lighter sitting room or vice versa?

What I do is look on instagram to see how different people have done things. If you search for #blacktable then you can see lots of rooms with a black table and you soon work out which looks you like and which you don't. I like that it's not all designers so you see mistakes and different looks and see what is super fashionable etc so find it more useful in some ways than magazines where it all looks good.

bonfireheart Sun 13-Jun-21 15:37:00

Thank you, that's the issue I found with the DFS sofa, the back does come low.

@thelegohooverer this is the wallpaper that DD13 thinks we should have on one but I'm not convinced...what do you think?

We like the Kendall velvet chairs, available in quite a few colours

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Aquamarine1029 Sun 13-Jun-21 15:40:45

The sofology one, definitely. The back on the other is way too low and would be very uncomfortable.

TedMullins Sun 13-Jun-21 15:42:29

Hmm, personally neither for me. Have you looked at Loaf, Snug, Made or John Lewis? They have some really nice ones. I agree with PP that dusky pink walls would be really nice, and the sofa could be a feature piece if you went for a bold colour like bottle green, teal or even mustard. Or the DFS sofa if I had to pick, but in dusky pink

bonfireheart Sun 13-Jun-21 15:47:17

I've looked at Snug but not comfortable buying a sofa I can't sit on. I've heard great things about them but I think they look like IKEA sofa but more expensive.
Will have a look at Loaf and John Lewis, thank you.

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PixieDust28 Sun 13-Jun-21 15:59:13

First sofa.

namechange6754 Sun 13-Jun-21 16:33:49

The Sofalogy one I think although neither look terribly comfortable, sofas should be more comfort over style IMO.

bonfireheart Sun 13-Jun-21 17:53:49

Thank you, I've had my current next sofa that cost me £500 for 10 years now, i didn't realise that choosing sofas would be so stressy smile

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thelegohooverer Sun 13-Jun-21 17:55:11

Oh I love those chairs. Now you’ve got me wondering if I could persuade dh we need an upgrade no chance

I’m not sure about the wallpaper!

bonfireheart Sun 13-Jun-21 18:12:53

@thelegohooverer I have the cream version of that chair in my bedroom and it's really lovely.

Agree about wallpaper, part of me is thinking get the furniture first and then decide whether to leave walls cream or to change.

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Davros Mon 14-Jun-21 00:13:58

The 80s called, they want their wallpaper back.
But maybe that's nit a bad thing, is 80s in style?

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