Double storey side extension

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Fattymummum Sat 12-Jun-21 12:23:13

We have permission to build our extension but my builder suggested that i need to get a surveyor to check my boundaries to the block of flats next door.

I would have thought planning checked all boundaries before giving approval?

Anyone know what the rules are?

Thanks x

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SuperSecretSquirrels Sat 12-Jun-21 12:37:47

In my (limited) experience planning might require you to submit a boundary survey if they think there is ambiguity, but otherwise they take your word for it (while comparing to their limited records). However, if you find out later that you have e.g. built on someone else’s land or built closer to a boundary than you were supposed to then it’s up to you to fix it. The fact that planning was granted wouldn’t excuse your mistake.

We chose to have a boundary survey for this reason. Neighbours hedges and trees had encroached on our building plot, and as we will be building close to the boundary on each side we wanted to be sure where it was.

To give another example, my parents boundary is actually 2 meters further out than their high fence, because they used to also own a large hedge on the far side of the fence that was later removed. Their neighbour submitted planning permission for a garden building near the fence in their side, but it was up to my parents to point out in their objection that the neighbour would have been building in my parents land.

The boundaries don’t always correspond to physical boundary features.

DevilDamo Sat 12-Jun-21 16:32:08

Checking the boundaries in what respect… ownership? If so, that has nothing to do with Planning. Those are more civil issues to be discussed and agreed with the relevant neighbours.

It is also your responsibility to check if your proposals fall within the requirements of the Party Wall Act.

CasperGutman Sun 13-Jun-21 00:11:37

Party Wall Act issues are separate from planning, as is ownership of the land.

Fattymummum Sun 13-Jun-21 23:27:58

Ok thanks!

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