50/50 wool/polypropylene carpet? Any good?

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Waitforwhat Sat 12-Jun-21 07:08:00

Looking at getting carpets replaced upstairs is it worth spending a bit more on a wool blend carpet? Do they clean well or am I better off just getting a synthetic carpet! New to all this so any thoughts are super helpful! Thanks

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brainstories568 Sat 12-Jun-21 07:15:47

If you've got kids and/or pets then I'd get a polypropylene one as they're easier to clean. They also do not attract moths, which depending where you are might be of interest. We were originally going to get wool,, then a 50/50 blend then eventually decided on polypropylene. We no longer live in that house, but the carpet still looked brand new when we left despite the fact it had been there for years and in our living room/dining room/everything downstairs aside from the kitchen room.

MassDebate Sat 12-Jun-21 08:19:56

We got a 50/50 blend as thought it would be easier to maintain than wool. It’s bobbled horrifically though ☹️

Waitforwhat Sat 12-Jun-21 08:54:05

Sorry @MassDebate to hear that! It sounds like it’s not worth the extra expense! We do have a cat and 3 boys so really need something that’s bullet proof! 😬

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