Halifax mortgages with a broker

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IsItAllOverYetPlease Thu 15-Apr-21 22:41:21

Does anyone know whether Halifax is a lender that gives better rates to mortgage brokers? I have a mortgage in principle direct with Halifax, which I understand is one of the more generous lenders, but would a broker be able to get a better rate? I was told some banks give better rates direct to customers and others to brokers. I'm not keen to spend £500 on a broker to get the same deal that we could get anyway. with our last house we always went direct to the bank instead of using a broker so I'm not sure how much easier it would make things.

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UndomesticHousewife Thu 15-Apr-21 23:33:31

What rate is Halifax offering you?

UndomesticHousewife Thu 15-Apr-21 23:36:46

And are you first time buyer, remortgage or mover?

MaizeBlouse Thu 15-Apr-21 23:38:44

We got a Halifax mortgage through a broker (pre pandemic). The brokers fee was £250 or something like that and it was paid via the bank in some way.. he was amazing though and got us an awesome rate and worked so hard, especially since I am self employed so a bit harder to get a good.mortgage. Happy to recommend him if you would like to know.

PammieDooveOrangeJoof Thu 15-Apr-21 23:43:06

We got a Halifax mortgage through London & Country but didn’t have to pay them anything as they get paid by whomever you take the mortgage with. I searched comparisons but didn’t find anything better. Do it both ways and compare I guess?
I would never personally pay a broker when you can get advice on a wide range for free.

UndomesticHousewife Thu 15-Apr-21 23:48:53

It depends on your circumstances. If you're self employed, have taken any covid help, you've been furloughed or have adverse credit then it's worth seeing an independent broker.
If you're employed, no adverse credit history and good deposit then do it yourself.

UndomesticHousewife Thu 15-Apr-21 23:52:22

We have just paid £495 to a mortgage broker but there's no way I'd have done it myself as we are limited company with other issues too and in covid it's certainly not easy. He got us a superb rate and sorted everything out. Our circumstances meant that I wouldn't be at all confident of just approaching a bank and going direct.
But we have done that before and it was fine because our circumstances were different.

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