How much does an architect cost

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SheWouldNever Tue 13-Apr-21 22:43:01

We are embarking on a two storey rear extension plus some changes to the current internal layout. So far I’ve had 3 architect quotes and they are coming out at between £4-£5k (with VAT) for fees for the design stage up to submitting to planning. Does this sound about right? We are in Greater London.

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TakeMeToKernow Tue 13-Apr-21 22:44:04


Pommes Tue 13-Apr-21 22:50:50

I'd like to know this too.

TakeMeToKernow Tue 13-Apr-21 22:51:41

We are in the Midlands and had two architects quote for ... well, we didn’t even KNOW what we wanted, but we’re adding about 70sqm of space.

For the design stage one quoted £900 and the other quoted £1250 (but DID insist on getting someone else to measure the existing house).

The first one has already indicated that the planning drawings and submission will be £900 and the builders drawings will be £900. The second hasn’t quoted yet.

We only used architects as our house is odd and we had NO ideas how to do the extension. If we had a clear idea/nothing unusual, we would have used an architectural designer who are less qualified but cheaper.

Blaaaaaaaaah Tue 13-Apr-21 22:52:06

We’re in Cheshire so obviously different but ours u I s costing just shy of 2k for outline for four.

Missingthebridegene Tue 13-Apr-21 22:53:53

We're in Yorkshire and architect cost £650 for drawings and support in planning application etc for single storey extension x

Lemoncurd Tue 13-Apr-21 22:58:32

In Berkshire, we went with a cheaper one first, think it was around 3k. Were refused planning and after pursuing a bit further with them we decided to cut our losses and switch architects. The new architect was in excess of 10k in the end but we were much happier with the service and result and miraculously there wasn't even a hesitation or query from planning.

SheWouldNever Tue 13-Apr-21 22:59:07

Oh and the structural engineer fees are on top of this. So that would be another £1 - £1.5k

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mobear Tue 13-Apr-21 23:50:04

We're in London, and want to reconfigure the ground floor, make alterations to an existing ground floor extension and knock down and re-build the loft extension. I've had one estimate of £6,000 + VAT so far, which I thought sounded OK.

Zinnia Tue 13-Apr-21 23:58:26

London, ground floor side return extension - architect is £1750 (not VATable as sold trader) and structural engineer £900 inc VAT. Party wall surveyor also costing c.£900 unless my neighbours make a fuss

My advice is shop around, ask for recommendations from friends/neighbours or your builder (if you have one); failing that try a service like Architect Your Home who get favourable reviews on here.

Kocduw Wed 14-Apr-21 00:02:37

I am a new starter offering architrctural drawings and have just quoted 900 to survey and produce planning drawing, and same for building regs. Dont forget the fees might attract VAT if the architect is VAT registered.

LemonSwan Wed 14-Apr-21 00:04:00

Typically its between 7.5 - 15% of the total project value.

For residential I would say 10-12%.

Kocduw Wed 14-Apr-21 00:05:55

Engineer fee depends on the amount of input, and time spent. I had a quote for £900 for an involved extension and remodel.

Delectable Wed 14-Apr-21 01:03:35

No idea but need to know as we might be about to purchase a property that needs extending.

Sunflowergirl1 Wed 14-Apr-21 06:05:14

Good level local architect with some decent projects under their belt cost us £2k including building regs drawings as well. Structural engineer £450 and was complex. Yorkshire but golden triangle so had a premium.

Architectural technicians can be a lot cheaper and for a basic extension can be fine and probably half the price

stuckinarutatwork Wed 14-Apr-21 06:12:47

For a simple single storey extension that added 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen extension to a 3 bed bungalow, we paid £1500 in design fees plus another £1000 to a structural engineer (as the extension involved moving a lot of soil due to the garden being higher than the house).
Planning application was around £350 and building control a set £1000 which included looking at the plans, all visits as necessary during the build and sign off.

GrandPrismatic Wed 14-Apr-21 06:49:32

Sorry, this might be a new thread, but on the topic or architect fees, is it worth getting them to project manage too? And if so, how much are we taking?

MaryIsA Wed 14-Apr-21 06:58:36

We are paying about £6k in architectural technician fees, structural engineer and a site survey on a £110 k job. (We had to go to planning twice as we changed our mind).

He also ran the tender for the job.

It’s a single storey extension, 5 m x 8 m and turning some stairs round into the loft.

Conservation area, quite expensive area for stuff like this.

He didn’t come up with anything startling, but it works and does what we want, and is what we asked for.

project managing. The builders are doing it all, the ordering, the trades, everything. It’s a firm that does 4 or 5 builds at a time and direct employs most of the staff.

TheSockMonster Wed 14-Apr-21 07:17:19

We are having a small single storey extension on our kitchen. We are paying a family member £1,300 for builder’s drawings (no planning permission required)

TheSockMonster Wed 14-Apr-21 07:18:29

*meant to add that family member is a draughtsman, but the cost includes an architect in his practice looking over it.

MissSmiley Wed 14-Apr-21 08:14:57

East Midlands
Very good architect, 6% of estimated build costs plus local authority charges

SheWouldNever Wed 14-Apr-21 08:46:03

@GrandPrismatic one architect has quoted me £900 per month to project manage

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GrandPrismatic Wed 14-Apr-21 08:49:17

Very useful intell! Thank you. I think that sounds quite reasonable?

supadupapupascupa Wed 14-Apr-21 08:51:25

Ours was £4500 all in, council charges extra. East Midlands 5 years ago. He was great, designed something beautiful, managed the tendering process including recommending builders, also kept in touch with the build as it happened. Surveyors, engineers, inspections all dealt with.
Between him and the builder we didn't have to do anything except choose what we wanted.

SheWouldNever Wed 14-Apr-21 08:52:18

The build will cost approx £150k (not including kitchens and fittings) so I guess £5k is within that 6% of build cost figures.

The architect I like most, that I think would be the easiest to work with and understand what’s important for us to achieve with the space, is £5k. I’m having trouble committing to that money when I know I could get another architect to do a basic design / drawings for PP for probably half the price of that. The first architect does a full kitchen design too plus furniture and all the little details, so it’s not just a drawing of the walls and measurements.

We are not yet fully committed to doing the build yet, though. Wanted to apply for PP and start getting some builder quotes before we work out if we really want to spend the money on this house. So a cost of £5k is quite a steep commitment when we aren’t sure if we will build, but I suppose the more detailed the initial design, the more accurate our quotes for the build will be?

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