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Ladyof Fri 09-Apr-21 09:52:14

Has anyone used boomin, you can put an advert stating what kind of property you are interested in and even on what street etc. Just wondered if anyone has done it and if it is any good. Thanks

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TinyGlassOwl Fri 09-Apr-21 11:34:22

We signed up for it a few days ago, in slight desperation. Have had nothing whatsoever come of it. I would imagine its pretty useless at the moment as it's barely being advertised. Maybe in a couple of years when it's more well-known, but I hope to have found something by then grin

TinyGlassOwl Fri 09-Apr-21 11:38:47

Apparently it's the same guys behind Purplebricks...whether that's a positive or a negative I'm not sure!

Ladyof Sat 10-Apr-21 18:05:58

Yes we signed up out of desperation too, hoping it would link us but nothing so far...

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FAQs Sat 10-Apr-21 19:26:36

It only launched about a week ago so suspect it'll need a bit of time for people to find it and the matching service to have enough data to kick in. I've seen the adverts on the TV a couple of times.

Ladyof Sun 11-Apr-21 09:35:40

Oh really I didnt realise it was that new!

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