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Do you have an En suite you love???

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Laila747 Tue 23-Feb-21 19:33:20

And if you do....can I see it?

We are replacing our En suite in the next few weeks and I’m sick of looking online for inspiration. So if you have something you love, I’d love to have a look!
Lockdown seems to have killed my imagination....

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GingerBiscuit21 Tue 23-Feb-21 22:01:51

I'll let you know next week - ours is being done right now!

Yellownotblue Tue 23-Feb-21 23:12:20

I had an en-suite we loved for 4 years while living abroad. We’ve now moved back to the U.K. and I’m trying to create a replica in our home. I feel like our architect is judging us a bit, as it’s not an Uber-cool design, but it worked perfectly for us.

Key features:
- no tub, as we’re not bath people
- two separate vanities, one for DH and the other for me. Each around 1300mm long and with storage (drawers/doors underneath).
-Over the counter sinks and lovely taps.
- Massive wall cabinets above both sinks, with room for everything.
- pocket door to bedroom
- Japanese toilet (toto washlet) in a glass enclosure
- shower in a glass enclosure. Minimum length 1200. Minimum width 1000. More if you can. Lots of space in shower with built in niches for toiletries.
- lovely window (oriel) adding design interest to room
- sober colour scheme of white, grey, black tiles (fully tiled except ceiling) but the white tiles (on walls) had interesting texture which added surface interest to the room.
- ultra quiet extractor fan

Honeywort Tue 23-Feb-21 23:19:47

Just to say we’ve got a lovely double sink from ikea with great drawer spaces underneath and two huge matching mirrored cabinets (again from ikea) above. We’ve had it for about 8 years now so not sure the exact one is still stocked but def worth a look.

MaryIsA Wed 24-Feb-21 07:40:43

Ours is small, long shower tray, big glass screen, digital aqua Lisa shower, you switch it on outside the screen and it lets you know when temperature is right. I was sceptical about that but really like it.

Big tiles that make it seem bigger. Wall hung toilet same. More storage would be good, think storage.

Our old en-suite was the box room, we had shower over a ‘p’ shaped bath as I liked locking myself away for a long soak and being able to collapse straight in bed after.

I wish we’d had 2 sinks in there.

Our mirror has a little led light that is on at night so you don’t have to put the light on for middle of night pees.

Practically insist on a decent radiator and a really good silent fan.

CLB1234 Wed 24-Feb-21 07:45:58

This is ours, we had it done in October and I love it everyday. It's a wet room with Mermaid shower panels that need minimal cleaning, the mirror de mists which makes shaving easier for DH while I'm in the shower and a bespoke cupboard built over the stairs.

PresentingPercy Wed 24-Feb-21 08:15:09

We do not use the en suite together but we have a large one attached to our bedroom area. Photos are difficult in the morning light! Lots of reflections. We have Porcelanosa Dark shine tiles on the walls and Matt on the floor. Duravit vanity and 2 wall cupboards. Towel storage and clutter is removed from view. We have a large walk in Bette shower and a large heated towel rail next to it so warm towels are handy. Between the shower and vanity is a large free standing bath. At the end of the shower is the loo. Loo is wall hung and the basin is 1.2m long with 2 taps. Shower water supply is enclosed behind the wall. It all looks sleek. We have had it 11 years and it’s still looking good and Porcelanosa still make the tiles. Duravit still make the furniture and the sink! Taps and shower controls are Crosswater. We don’t touch the settings. Just turn the water on. We have a high level glass shelf in the shower for gel and shampoo. We have two other en suites in the house - more info available if you want it!

Laila747 Wed 24-Feb-21 08:25:23

Thanks everyone! Some great ideas to work with!
@CLB1234 your shower is exactly what I’m after and the mermaid shower panels look great! Thanks!

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