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Stained grout kitchen floor

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WhereDoesThisToiletGo Tue 23-Feb-21 16:31:53

We had wood effect porcelain tile planks laid in kitchen diner family room 18 months ago.
Loved them then, love them now.
Supplier recommended resin grout but tiler's grout of choice was non resin. He did a great job laying tiles so I went with his suggestion.
We are messy cooks and like everyone, frequently splosh tea around when filling the dishwasher.
Grout in kitchen end is now noticeably darker than living end.
See photos
Washing floor doesn't clean it.

But, I actually prefer the colour. The "clean" grout is paler than I wanted.
Can I....
1)Clean / bleach the dirty grout and seal it to prevent further staining.
2) stain the clean grout to match and seal it
3) just spill coffee over the entire floor to make all the same.

Area is about 50 m2

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