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Sound proof blinds

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greenfrogs1 Tue 23-Feb-21 16:14:19

Hi all,

I have been looking online at soundproofing blinds to reduce road traffic noise however I have no idea whether they actually work or not. (I know it's impossible to completely stop ALL noise).

Has anybody used any sound proofing blinds before? What type were they and did they actually help reduce noise?


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greenfrogs1 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:32:35

Hopeful bump ☺️

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NotMeNoNo Tue 23-Feb-21 21:41:14

I asked DH (sound engineer) he says have you thought of changing your window to triple glazed? You can get sound deadening panels but they are not as effective.

Mykidhatespastabake Wed 24-Feb-21 07:49:09

I can honestly say they don't work .

Flamingolingo Wed 24-Feb-21 07:50:28

What type of windows do you have? I’d go for upgrading them if possible because I doubt the blinds will work. If you have older/single glazed windows, secondary glazing is excellent at reducing road noise.

greenfrogs1 Wed 24-Feb-21 20:39:01

Thanks all. Sounds as if they may be a waste of money

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Kylorey Wed 24-Feb-21 20:43:00

We bit the bullet and got secondary glazing. The biggest things to reduce sound is a decent air gap and different thicknesses of glass. Triple glazing could make resonance worse if the glass thicknesses are all the same, as certain frequencies are broken up and others therefore feel more prominent to hear.

Anyway we have over 10cm gap and glass is 6.4mm acoustic glass and can still hear a little noise sometimes. I think blinds wouldn't do much.
It was expensive at £500 for the window BUT we have huge huge windows over 2m wide. Smaller windows might be a more reasonable price. We used clearview secondary glazing who have an online quote calculator that's accurate. Just a thought.

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